2018 Early Days and Interest Groups Schedule

Monday –  Wednesday Morning (3 day) Seminars

Writing A Way Open – The Poetic Explorations of William Stafford
led by Peter Anderson (Durango MM)  A three day seminar
One of the most prolific poets of the 20th Century, William Stafford began his writing practice while working at a service camp for conscientious objectors during World War II.  His approach to writing, much like the Quaker orientation in worship and worship sharing, was one of opening and listening.  In our time together, we will learn about his life as a poet and an occasional Quaker and discuss his approach to writing, poetry and teaching.  We will also read some of his poems, write together, and consider ways that his writing process might inform and perhaps enhance our own poetic and spiritual lives.

Individual Spiritual Discernment:  Receiving, Testing and Implements Guidance from a Higher Power
led by Jerry Knutson. A three day seminar.
This will be an expansion of material presented at AZ HYM September 2017.
The workshop will be based on Jerry Knutson’s Pendle Hill Pamphlet #443 of the same title.  Participants are requested to read it in advance and to bring a question, issue or situation they would like to discern.  While covering the whole pamphlet, the primary focus of this workshop will be practicing methods of discernment, testing, implementing, spiritual disciplines and forgiveness.

Tuesday and Wednesday Morning (2 day) Seminar
The #MeToo! Movement:  An Exploratory Workshop for Quaker Men
led by Allen Winchester (Santa Fe MM) and Steve Finger (Flagstaff MM)
The #MeToo! movement has shaken up traditional relationships between men and women.  This workshop will use queries, discussion, worship sharing and our Quaker tradition to help men explore and better understand their experiences, roles and responses to this changing social and sexual landscape.  How can we as men emotionally support survivors of abuse and sexual exploitation?
This is a two-day closed group for men.  Participants must commit to both days. 
Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (1 day) Morning Seminars
Friends in the Arts 
will have a variety of activities including the Mural Project popular last year.  This is dependent on Friends volunteering to share their talents in any of the arts.  Contact Caroline Rackley at designultd@nemexico.com by May 1 if you are willing to share.
Monday Evening
  • Family Friendly Movie – We will be showing a family-friendly movie at 7 pm. The movie and location will be on the bulletin board Monday.
Tuesday Evening
  • Welcoming Meetings Workshop – Our keynote speaker, Eileen Flanagan, will present a workshop on “Making Meetings Welcoming: Implicit Bias and Creating a Welcoming Meeting.”

Thursday Afternoon Interest Groups  
  • Sanctuary
  • Homelessness
  • White Privilege and Racism
  • Sexual/Gender Identity
  • Nurturing Friends’ Actions/Clearness and Care Committees
  • Nurturing Aging Friends
Thursday Evening
  • New IMYM website – Familiarization and Q&A
    7-9 PM Lobby of Ranch Administration Building just behind the Ghost Ranch office — The IMYM Web Team will offer a session/drop-in for committee clerks and anyone else interested in learning about finding, editing and adding information to the new website that was instituted just after last  year’s gathering.
Saturday Afternoon Interest Groups  
  • Intergenerational Cooperative Games
  • Immigration and Border Concerns
  • Climate Change/Environment/Food Production
  • Prison Visitation/Alternatives to Violence
  • Nurturing Our Children
  • Making Our Meetings More Welcoming
  • Peace and Militarism