2019 Annual Gathering

The 2019 Gathering took place June 9-16 at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico.  The theme of the gathering was “Faith, Fear and Our Future.”

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Deadline to register was April 30. (Fees due 1 week later).

Information about Gathering

Everyone is welcome to attend for as much of the gathering as they can.  We  ask that Friends prayerfully consider what they can afford for the Annual Gathering, and pay as they are led.

The “Early Days” of seminars will begin on Monday, June 10th and complete on Wednesday June 12.

The “Regular Days” of programming, worship, and meetings for business will begin the evening of Wednesday June 12 with a meeting for welcoming and conclude with meeting for worship on Sunday morning.

About Pay as Led

We are continuing to use Pay as Led to finance our annual gathering. We want to remove as many barriers to participation as we can, so that more Friends can contribute to the fellowship and discernment of business at the annual gathering. There is no need for members or attenders to ask monthly meetings or the yearly meeting for financial support. Friends are asked to register for the accommodations they need and then prayerfully consider how much they are led to pay in support of attendance at the annual gathering – either less or more than the real cost which will be provided by the registrar.

Monthly meetings are asked to continue to support attendance at the annual gathering. However, instead of awarding scholarships for attendance to individuals, meetings are asked to send the amount they would spend on scholarships directly to the yearly meeting.  In this way, no one must ask for a scholarship, and everyone will be provided for.

This method of financing the annual gathering worked last year, and the yearly meeting has decided to use it unless if quits working. We had more attendance last year, especially among young adult Friends. If you want more information, please see the article Paying as Led in the most recent Friends Journal.


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2019 IMYM Theme and Keynote Speaker

Faith, Fear and Our Future

How is Friends’ faith affected by the world around us? How do we sustain love, faith and hope in our connections to God and each other in these times? What does our faith teach us about overcoming fear? How can walking through fear strengthen our faith? How can Friends of all generations inspire and sustain one another as we face the future together?

Bridget Moix, US Senior Representative and Head of Advocacy at Peace Direct, will be the keynote speaker at IMYM this year. Peace Direct is a London-based non-governmental organization that helps identify, nurture, connect and support individuals doing nonviolent peacebuilding in their local communities around the world. She is a former Director of Casa de Los Amigos Friends Center in Mexico City and currently serves as clerk of the General Committee at FCNL. When she worked at FCNL earlier in her career she responded to the question, “If War is Not the Answer, what is?” with design of the Peaceful Prevention of Deadly Conflict program.

To Bridget, overcoming fear is grounded in hope. Hope is grounded in love and faith. She is inspired to be a “pattern and example” of the power of nonviolence, empowering others, and raising questions about how to understand and prevent violent conflict.

Bridget Moix is a member of Friends Meeting of Washington (DC) and is married with two children. She has a PhD from George Mason University in Peacebuilding. You can read more at  www.peacedirect.org and https://www.fcnl.org/people/bridget-moix.