Friends in the Arts Storytelling



Dear Friends,

These pages are examples of exercises I use in my acting classes and are by no means required for anyone to take part in the “3 Minute Tales”

interest group.  I just think they are lots of fun to play around with and share.

Words for Emotional Fluency are worth looking over especially if one is preparing to tell a story or be generally emotionally eloquent.  They offer a way to enrich our vocabulary when speaking about feelings.  You may have words of your own to add to these lists.

Riddles and Tongue-twisters are fun ways to play with language and imagination.  If you want to check to see if you have guessed the correct answer to a riddle, you may email me at I will  respond ‘yes’ or provide a hint if ‘no’.  Use your wits to figure them out.  Try them out on others too.  Googling is cheating.

Why Storytelling? 

After humans get their basic food and shelter needs satisfied, one of the very next big needs is  “to be heard”.  People need to tell and to listen to stories because they carry not only our personal histories but are bearers of our culture as well.  They are lightweight, take up no space and can hold the whole world of joy, sorrow and excitement.  My goodness…….. there is a riddle right there!

What is weightless and takes up no space

Yet holds the whole world

Of joy, sorrow and excitement?

Come hear stories from our lives and maybe tell one of your own.

Lightly,   Caroline