2021 e-Gathering Technical Lead

IMYM e-Gathering Technical Lead for
the 2021 IMYM Gathering

Job Description

Before the Gathering:

  • Work and meet with co-Clerks, Recording Clerk, Arrangements Clerk, Representatives Clerk, Registrar, JYF/SYF Coordinators, and Session coordinators to stay up-to-date on Gathering details
  • Work with Web Clerk and Registrar to get up-to-date information about the Gathering onto the IMYM.org website, and out to registrants, including:
    • Schedule, with details on sessions and leaders
    • Documents in advance
    • Instructions, guidance, encouragement
  • Coordinate tech volunteers
    • Put out call for volunteers to host video sessions
    • Assess skills
    • Create schedule for volunteers, with 1-2 volunteers per session
    • Hold training/practice sessions for volunteers
  • Coordinate video meeting schedule and links. For 2021, this entails using IMYM’s pro Zoom account, which includes 10 meeting links.
  • With volunteer assistance, answer registrant and session leader questions
  • With volunteer assistance, hold training/practice sessions for registrants, clerks and session leaders

During Gathering:

  • Ensure that sessions are running smoothly, help troubleshoot where possible
  • Answer questions from volunteers, registrants, committee members
  • With volunteer assistance, provide information daily to registrants, via email and in session chat announcements

After Gathering:

  • Work with co-Clerks, Recording Clerk and Web Clerk to get wrap-up information to registrants, and to the website

Skills required:

Very comfortable with Zoom, spreadsheets, scheduling, creating informational documents and emails.

Bonus: Experience leading Zoom training, coordinating volunteers, and/or updating WordPress pages.

Last year’s Tech lead will provide training and guidance to get you up and running, and support through the Gathering as she is the Web Clerk.

Anticipated number of hours:

March – April: 5-10 hours/month
May: 20-30 hours
June: 50-60 hours in first 3 weeks

Reports to: Arrangements Clerk
[Submit resume and cover letter to Laura Peterson (alapete at gmail) by March 19, but earlier if possible]

Supervises: Volunteers