2021 Online Gathering Communication Tools – Websites, Email, and Zoom

Greeting Friends – Our online Gathering sessions will be conducted through teleconferencing tool call Zoom.   Friends that do not yet have Zoom account can click HERE to sign up for a free basic plan at HERE to sign up for a free basic plan at www.Zoom.us .

All Friends should make sure they have the most recent version of Zoom software installed on their device.   Zoom has recently added some great new features that make it easier to have more interactive audience participation activities and discussions online.

Click HERE for details for how to install the latest updated Zoom software.

Friends should be familiar with how to do a few basic things in Zoom to participate well in our online sessions, including how to:

  • Join a specific session by clicking on the appropriate link on the daily program schedule,
  • Update profile to display their Name, Meeting, and Pro-nous,
  • mute and unmute themselves.
  • show and hide their video.
  • Type messages in Chat to ask to speak or request help.
  • Move themselves in and out of breakout rooms.

Friends can click HERE to go to the ZOOM Help Center to learn more about how to do these things with the type of device they will be using to join our session.