About IMYM

Intermountain Yearly cipro Meeting (IMYM) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) comprises seventeen unprogrammed Monthly Meetings and about a dozen Worship Groups in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, South Dakota and Idaho, containing a total population of about 1,600 Friends, one thousand of those holding formal membership in one of the Meetings.

IMYM germinated in the 1960’s within the Arizona and New Mexico Quarterly Meetings, both affiliated with Pacific Yearly Meeting. Those Friends invited Colorado and Utah Friends to a fellowship gathering at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, in June, 1970, with the hope that this and future gatherings would be primarily times of worship and fellowship. In 1975, this Intermountain Friends Fellowship became Intermountain Yearly Meeting, which has gathered annually henceforth, with most of these gatherings at Ghost Ranch.

The Annual Gathering is held the second full week of June, an  Early Days program running from Monday morning to Wednesday noon, followed by the several days of Yearly Meeting sessions running through Sunday noon. About 300 Friends, including some 80 youth, typically participate. The Early Days seminars usually include topics on social justice, the environment, spiritual development and the arts. The Yearly Meeting days provide a rich fabric of worship, interest groups, worship sharing, business meetings, games, tending to matters of peace and social justice, outdoor activities, and fellowship.

The Yearly Meeting enjoys an inspiring youth program, centered around the annual gathering, but with individual youthful connections year-around. Children’s Yearly Meeting comprises children from infants through grade 5. Junior Young Friends, grades 6 to 9, conduct their own organization using Friends’ business  practice and help with the planning of their activities. Senior Young Friends, grades10 and up, conduct their own yearly meeting and their own activities, and provide leadership and support to the Junior Young Friends. The Young Adult Friends, typically in their twenties and thirties, integrate their own activities with the Yearly Meeting sessions, with many of this group holding yearly meeting service positions.

IMYM currently enjoys a close relationship with Mountain Friends Camp, now in its fifth year of operation after its inception among Senior Young Friends. The Camp draws its steering committee and substantial financial support from IMYM. Guided by Quaker values, the Camp provides youth ages 10-15 week-long camping experiences in a diverse intergenerational setting.

IMYM affiliates with Friends Committee on National Legislation, American Friends Service Committee, Friends World Committee, Friends General Conference, and Friends Peace Teams by appointing representatives to these organizations and receiving their reports. IMYM joins Pacific Yearly Meeting and North Pacific Yearly Meeting in overseeing operation of the publication Western Friend, and benefiting from its function as the news organ for those three yearly meetings.