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Arizona Half-Yearly Meeting: Spring 2021 Gathering: April 16-17
Theme: Preparing for the New
Keynote Presenter: Anna Fritz (Multnomah Meeting, Portland, OR) will share her recognized ministry of words and music.
Location: Online. Registered participants will receive a private Zoom link.
More information here.

Colorado Regional Meeting Spring Gathering: Sunday, April 7, 2019
Seeing the Light in Those We Find Hardest to Talk to: Sharing with the Youngest to the Oldest

Location: Mountain View Friends Meeting, Denver, CO

How can we better listen to and ask questions of those around us that we find hard to talk to? Come to this intergenerational gathering of Colorado Quakers to learn how—while mixing with all ages! There will be choices of small groups for discussion, writing, mural-making, storytelling, query games, or reading children’s books as we listen to and learn from one another. Newly developed materials on spiritual deepening from Friends General Conference will provide a structure for our time together.

All Friends welcome, from the youngest to the oldest, from new attenders to those who have attended for many years. Come learn and celebrate with Friends. Schedule available soon.

New Mexico Regional Meeting: 2019 Spring Gathering
The NMRM spring gathering, focusing on Growing the Family of Friends, will be held in Santa Fe, NM on April 12-14, 2019. Registration materials and an outline of the program are now available. Please join us at Camp Stoney for a weekend of fellowship and fun.

Theme: “How can we empower ourselves and support other women?”
Dates: April 26-28 (Friday evening to Sunday lunch)
Location: Highlands Retreat Center (Allenspark, CO)
We hope to see as many of you there as possible (women from outside Colorado very welcome to attend!). Please start encouraging other women, from your Meetings and beyond, to attend with you. It’s always a wonderful, meaningful time together.

The Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends invites IMYM to join them for their Yearly Meeting Sessions to be held June 12-14 in Canby, OR.
Benigno Sanchez-Eppler is our guest speaker for Annual Sessions. He has served as clerk for Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), Section of the Americas, for the last four years. A native of Cuba, he currently teaches at Amherst College in Massachusetts. In collaboration with Susan Furry, who is also a New England Friend, Benigno just finished translating Barclay’s Apology into modern English and Spanish. Their extensive translations of the writings of early Friends can be read at The title of Benigno’s talk is “Courage in Crisis: Gifts from Early Friends.”

Sanctuary Works Features Art by Emma
From Sarah Malone, ABQ Friends Meeting

Sanctuary Works represents the art work of our friend, Emma. Emma learned to paint while living in Sanctuary in an Albuquerque church.  Emma’s charming paintings – often depicting flowers, birds, moonlit skies and landscapes – have been converted into popular greeting cards. Emma calls her work, “Paintings for Peace.” Sanctuary Works celebrates not only the works created by Emma in Sanctuary, but also the process of Sanctuary itself as an avenue for those without documentation to pursue legal status in the United States. In that sense, Sanctuary truly works!

Sanctuary Works affixes photos of Emma’s paintings to 6.5” x 5” or (in a few cases) 5.5” x 5.5” off-white or white card stock, with envelopes, enclosed in a cellophane protective sleeve. Duplication of the presented images is in 4” x 6” format (and a few 5” x 5” format), which may require judicious cropping to fit the required size for the greeting cards. Each card is hand assembled. Proceeds from card sales with photos of Emma’s work are used toward legal, filing fees, and other expenses as she pursues her immigration case from abroad.
Sanctuary Works is a registered New Mexico business whose sole mission is to represent Emma’s work through card sales, and to support her process through the proceeds from such sales. Emma has given Sanctuary Works permission to represent her work. Gifts can be accepted by Sanctuary Works, although all such gifts are not tax exempt. If interested in making a gift, please contact Sanctuary Works to receive a gift letter and instructions. View Emma’s work and place your order at

Report from the Institutional Assessment on Racism Task Force: Recommendations & FGC Central Committee 2018 Discernment
Two years after Friends General Conference’s governing body approved the initiation of an institutional assessment on systemic racism; a full report and summary with recommendations are now available. Based on this report and recommendations, FGC’s governing body, Central Committee, has approved a minute to commit FGC to becoming an anti-racist organization in a multi-year process.  There was strong unity in the body, which gives hope to many. The discernment process that brought us to this unity further revealed why FGC needs a spirit-led intervention to become an anti-racist organization – many of the processes that inform our faith community are tainted by the destructive power of white supremacy and require a widespread commitment to transformation.

You can read the report and download the report and summary at the FGC website.

Mountain Friends Camp had another wonderful summer. You can read their latest update here.