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The Faith & Practice Committee has sent a survey to all Monthly Meetings.  There is a Cover Letter HERE, a paper version of the Survey HERE, and an Electronic Response Form for the Survey HERE.

We ask that meetings respond to the survey by May 1st so the committee can reflect on responses during IMYM 2018.


Colorado Quaker Women’s Retreat
The registration form for the 2018 Colorado Quaker Women’s Retreat is available here.
  • Dates: Begins around 4 p.m. Friday, April 27, and ends after lunch on Sunday, April 29. (You can come for whatever portion your schedule allows.)
  • Location: Highlands Presbyterian Camp and Retreat Center near Allenspark, about an hour’s drive west of Boulder.
  • Theme: Playing with Spirit and the Arts
  • Queries:  When times are hard, what types of creativity help you find your quiet center?    What kind of art do you enjoy doing for the pleasure and renewal the creative process gives you? Describe a time when being creative especially renewed you. What spiritual practices help you in good times and/or in hard times? When has a particular practice helped you in a really strong way?  Describe a technique that especially helped you heal from or stay strong during a time of stress.
  • Contact: Gail Hoffman, registrar, 303-989-6454 evenings and weekends,

The Interfaith March for Peace & Justice is a national event that will be held on April 29, 2018 and begin simultaneously in cities and towns across the country. Initiated by the Safe Alliance for Interfaith Leaders and co-sponsored (on the local level) by the North Columbus Friends Meeting, this event has garnered interest across the country; sister marches are in the early stages of planning in over a dozen cities at this time. We would like to invite Friends who are interested to consider bringing this event to their communities.

The purpose of this peaceful, non-partisan event is to share the following unifying message: we affirm equal justice and religious liberty for all and we condemn all acts of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or violence against people based on their religion, race, or place of origin. If you’d like to learn more, please visit our website at or email Greg Davis at It only takes one person to get the ball rolling to organize a march in any given location. (We don’t care how large or small it may be). Thank you for your consideration.