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Report from the Institutional Assessment on Racism Task Force: Recommendations & FGC Central Committee 2018 Discernment
Two years after Friends General Conference’s governing body approved the initiation of an institutional assessment on systemic racism; a full report and summary with recommendations are now available. Based on this report and recommendations, FGC’s governing body, Central Committee, has approved a minute to commit FGC to becoming an anti-racist organization in a multi-year process.  There was strong unity in the body, which gives hope to many. The discernment process that brought us to this unity further revealed why FGC needs a spirit-led intervention to become an anti-racist organization – many of the processes that inform our faith community are tainted by the destructive power of white supremacy and require a widespread commitment to transformation.

You can read the report and download the report and summary at the FGC website.

An invitation from Eileen Flanagan, guest speaker at 2018 IMYM

In the face of climate chaos, racism, and threats to our democracy, I’m sure you’ve heard Friends ask, “What can we do?” That’s why I wanted to let you know about an online class I’m teaching on nonviolent direct action – work that I am especially thrilled to share with Friends in Intermountain Yearly Meeting after my time with you all this past June!

As a member of Chestnut Hill Meeting in Philadelphia, I know many of us feel great despair at the state of the world, and a deep longing to work together for a more just, sustainable, and loving future. We sense these times are calling us to do more than letter-writing and silent vigils. I’ve designed my course for communities like ours to learn effective ways to make the change our faith calls us to.

I learned a tremendous amount as clerk of Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT), which successfully pressured PNC Bank to stop financing mountaintop removal coal mining. I now feel led to share those lessons, so Friends in your community can:

  • Choose an issue where you can actually make a difference.

  • Identify the people who you want to pressure and where they are vulnerable.

  • Develop creative tactics to make your actions effective, press-worthy, and often fun.

  • Build your impact over time, so the people you’re trying to pressure have to take you seriously.

The course begins January 7. To register or learn more, go to my website,

I’d love to see Friends from Intermountain Yearly Meeting in the class!

Mountain Friends Camp had another wonderful summer. You can read their latest update here.

Albuquerque Monthly Meeting earlier this year lost our dear Friend John
Gibbons. AMM’s Memorial Minute in celebration of his life,  approved in MfWfB on 12 August 2018, is here.