Representatives Committee meeting October 3, 2018

Representatives Committee October 3, 2018 phone conference minutes

In attendance: Tim Reid, Las Cruces, Barbara and Leslie Stephens Boulder, Jerry Peterson, treasurer, Lisa Lister Colorado Springs, Tom Vaughn Gila, Laura Peterson clerk of Arrangements committee, Nan Uhl Durango, Gretchen Reinhardt clerk of Faith and Practice, Kay Bordwell Flagstaff, Molly Wingate clerk of IMYM, Vance Marshall clerk of Finance, Nancy Rice Albuquerque, Sara Keeney, clerk of Delegates, Allen Winchester Santa Fe, Gale Toko-Ross clerk of Nominating, Jamie Newton, clerk of Peace and Social Concerns, Ana Eby director of Mountain Friends Camp, Becky Schroeder Tempe

The meeting began with a period of worship.

Finance committee report: Vance Marshall and Jerry Peterson provided a report of the finances of the Yearly Meeting with attention to how Pay as Led had worked from a financial perspective. Between contributions from Monthly meetings (over $13,000) and individual Friends (over $4,000) the income for the annual gathering was nearly equal to the expenditures. Concerns were raised regarding the way that Regonline was able to accomplish the Pay as Led model. In particular the registration accounting did not appear to balance out, leaving large amounts of bad debt which we are assuming represent people’s efforts to pay what they were led to. Laura Peterson, clerk of Arrangements is in the process of gathering a committee of registrars and treasurer and Finance clerk to sort this out and improve the system. It was suggested that previous registrars such as Carol Clinkenbeard, Sarah Feitler or Lisa Toko-Ross be asked to join this group.

Fall Queries: Molly Wingate reviewed the proposed fall queries and discussion followed. It was suggested that we ask the Program Working Group to offer a query related to the theme.

Regarding the query about early days, we were reminded that it will be very important to get in put from the Senior Young Friends regarding their thoughts about early days. It was also suggested that we include more description of early days for those who may not regularly attend. Another thought was to include a description of our purpose as a yearly meeting in hopes of helping Monthly Meetings to consider the early days in that context.

Some Friends wondered if we needed to have yet another query about Pay as Led and others pointed out that this time we are specifically requesting input from Monthly Meetings regarding how to finance it going forward and any special challenges or opportunities that Friends had encountered in our first year.

Relationship between IMYM and the Monthly Meeting query led to questions about the distinction between the annual gathering and the Yearly Meeting as a whole and also a concern that we may also want to ask about our relationship to the Spirit.

Representatives committee approved having 4 queries if Program Working Group is able to offer one. We agreed that the clerks could finalize the wording of the queries prior to sending them out. We also recommended an ordering of the queries: Early Days, Pay as Led and then Relationships along with a clear statement to the Monthly Meetings to consider as many as they are able, preferably in this order.

Jamie Newton gave a report for the Peace and Social Concerns committee. Their request for 45 minutes at a plenary session at annual gathering in 2019, for a report from the organizations (alphabet soup) which we support, focused on our theme, was referred to Arrangements Committee with the recommendation that there be consultation with the Delegates committee clerk regarding this plan.

Peace and Social Concerns has created Google Groups on issues of action in our Yearly Meeting. They are again advertising and encouraging attendance at the Border Convergence November 16-18 in Nogales. Finally they are hoping to create Communities of Concern where people with passion and concern for an area can share. Representatives are requested to share this report with their Meetings as well as to send names of people appropriate for Communities of Concern to their regional representative for Peace and Social Concern. (It was noted that Colorado is again without a representative).


-theme for annual gathering 2019, to be held at Ghost Ranch, will be “Faith, Fear and Our Future” a speaker has not yet been chosen

-Representatives committee will next meet in person at Mountain View in Denver on February 8-9, 2019

We are holding the Eby family in the Light and looking forward to report of a  wonderful birth.

The Meeting ended with a short period of quiet worship.