Colorado Regional Fall Gathering 2020

Hope for Healing the World –
Our Experiences During the Pandemic


Friday, November 6, 2020

6:30 – 7:30 pm


  Getting-to-know-you activities (Andrew Banks)

8:00 pm – 9:15 pm

Movie: Sweet Home Monteverde, followed by a Q & A with the director 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

8:30 – 9:30 am

  Worship sharing groups

9:30 – 10:00  am


10:00 am -noon

John Calvi Keynote:
Healing Life’s Wounds, the Dance between Hope and Fear
with follow-up Q & A

Noon– 1:30 pm

Lunch break

1:30-3:30 pm

Breakout groups:

1. Additional Time with John Calvi
2. Write What’s Now, Write What’s Next. Healing through Writing our Pandemic Journeys – Martha Larson

3. Hope for Healing the World: Friends Social Action in this Time of Crises – Panel 
4. Lift Up our Bodies, Minds and Spirits in this Unprecedented Time (Wellness through Music & Meditation) – Carolyn Kuban <

3:30-4:30 pm

  Social time on Zoom (drop-in)

Dinner break

6:30-7:45 pm

  Creativity Night (for all ages!) with Kevin Slick

8:00-9:00 pm

  Sing-along- Eric Wright

Sunday, November 8, 2020

8:30 – 9:30 am

  Worship sharing groups

9:30–9:45  am


9:45-10:15 am

  Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business 

10:15-10:30 am


10:30 – 11:30 am

Closing Meeting for Worship


‘Getting to Know You’ Time Together (Friday night)

Andrew Banks will lead us in several fun-for-all-ages virtual activities to help break the ice as we gather from many States along with Colorado. This will be a wonderful opportunity for participants to get to know each other informally as Colorado Regional 2020 Virtual Fall Gathering begins. You may find yourself moving around during this hour long session, so find some space in your home to ‘boogie’ (you can also tune-in as a non-participant viewer).

About Andrew: Andrew has been active in Quaker fellowship leadership roles for many years including co-clerk of FGC in 2013, national facilitator for the Quaker Quest program of FGC , Nurturing Committee for Youth member and member of Central Committee both of FGC. He has been MC for many Colorado Regional Meeting fellowship events. A member of Mountain View Friends Meeting, he is currently on the Religious Education Committee at Boulder Friends Meeting where he and is wife and two children, ages 3 and 6, are attenders.

Healing Life’s Wounds, the Dance between Hope and Fear

John Calvi will share his experiences during these challenging times both personally and from being with others. He will bring a transformative perspective of the past and for the future in the face the pandemic, the election, protests, and recent climate trauma from his wide experience with healing.

John Calvi describes himself as a Quaker healer with a gift for releasing physical and emotional pain. John began his healing work during the AIDS epidemic in 1983. He was the founder of ‘The Quaker Initiative to End Torture.’ Recognized by his Quaker meeting as having a genuine ministry in the Quaker tradition, he was a Released Friend for fifteen years.  He has worked with tortured refugees, people with AIDS, sexual abuse survivors, inmates, war veterans, ritual abuse survivors, among others.

His expertise is far-reaching, including handling burnout, developing compassion for others, energy work for trauma and deep relaxation, healing of trauma and other life wounds through spiritual experiences but also with humor. Throughout North and Central America he  taught his singular approach to healing at prisons and hospitals, and for religious conferences and non-profit organizations that provide crisis services.

John has two books published by Quaker Books: ‘The Dance Between Hope & Fear‘ which speaks to healing from trauma, our current dilemma from fallout of the pandemic and the political turmoil, and  ‘How Far Have You Traveled?’ which speaks to our inherent goodness amidst the witnessing of pain and confusion in the world.

You can learn more about John at his website.


Write What’s Now, Write What’s Next. Healing through Writing our Pandemic Journeys

Martha Larson will lead a virtual session full of ideas about how to unpack our experiences during this unprecedented time through journaling and writing. We will use exercises borrowed from a variety of books including The Artist’s Way. We will explore how writing can help us now, as well as how it can help us envision – and create – our futures. There will be time to share our experiences with the exercises; as well as our thoughts on what we want from writing, what we experience writing , and how we see ourselves as writers.  No experience with writing, or sense of oneself as a writer necessary.  Experienced writers are of course also welcome!  

About Martha: Martha has been writing poetry and journaling since she was a young girl.  She has no formal training in writing, but loves to learn from books and the (very) occasional workshop.  Martha believes in the power of writing as means to question, explore, and understand ourselves, others around us, and our world. Martha took a “Healing through Writing” workshop a year ago in June, which is the inspiration and springboard for this session. 

Lift Up our Bodies, Minds and Spirits in this Unprecedented Time

Carolyn Kuban will lead a music and movement experience in your home. Everyone will be muted except to process our experiences together. Carolyn’s approaches may include guided relaxation supported by recorded music, imagery-guided movement to recorded music (think of moving like rustling leaves in autumn), and group songwriting within simple structures to express the inner spirit. Everything will be geared to all levels, including those with no experience.

This session will run 1.5 –2 hours.

About Carolyn: Carolyn Kuban has been a school music teacher, a certified music therapist, and a healing harp therapist for children and adults at all levels and diagnoses. Locally, regionally and nationally she has given presentations on music therapy, music for wellness and healing, and music in the schools. Carolyn was featured on ‘Colorado Matters’ on Colorado Public Radio speaking about the uses of music and healing.  You can find the interview in the archives at: Currently she is on the faculty of the Center for Musical Arts in Lafayette, CO where she is a music therapist and harp teacher. One of her favorite activities is dancing and making music with her two young grandchildren.

Hope for Healing the World: Friends Sharing on Social Action

A panel of Friends from Meetings in Colorado will respond to the following queries, hoping to prompt a rich exchange about how we avoid despair and see ways to respond to the “convergence of pandemics” we have all been experiencing:

What disparities, injustices, personal or systemic failures have become clearer to you through these times of crisis?

Do you see opportunities for positive social change?How have you felt called to respond?

What sources of wisdom and energy have you discovered, inwardly or from those around you, to help you move forward?

Creativity Night for All Ages (Saturday night)

Kevin is excited to once again bring together the talents and interests of our Colorado Regional Meeting Creativity Night — online this time. We heard that the IMYM virtual Creativity Night was great fun in June, so couldn’t pass up a chance for this one. Please plan to share a song, an instrumental selection, a dance, a poem, a magic trick, a joke, a skit, a reading–or whatever is your ‘thing’. This is for all ages and we’ll love it just as it is….

Kevin Slick, Master of Ceremonies
Kevin is a member of Boulder Friends Meeting and is an active parent in the First Day School Program for which he has written and led songs and performed at  BFM events. He has been the MC for many Creativity Nights for Colorado Regional Meeting. Specializing in bluegrass and Americana music, he brings a wide performance background to our Gathering having performed with Pete Seeger, David Bromberg, Blues Traveler and the Hooters. He has performed in NYC  before he moved here 2004, and for many festivals and coffeehouses nationally. Besides songwriting, Kevin composes film scores for silent films and sometimes performs live on his guitar for silent films at a variety of venues.

2020 IMYM Thank you!!

A tremendous thank you to those who made IMYM 2020 Virtual Gathering Possible.

Our Incredible Zoom Volunteers!

      • Haley Bates
      • Danielle Broadaway — Mountain View Monthly Meeting (Colorado)
      • Brenda Chung
      • Susan Cozzens
      • Deneen Crandell — Colorado Springs Monthly Meeting (Colorado)
      • Judi Dressler — Boulder Monthly Meeting (Colorado)
      • Anastacia Ebi
      • Marcia Elliott — Tempe Monthly Meeting (Arizona)
      • Sharon Gross — Albuquerque Monthly Meeting (New Mexico)
      • Richard Grossman — Durango CO Monthly Meeting (New Mexico Reg.)
      • Andrea Harmon
      • Thomas Harmon — Albuquerque Monthly Meeting (New Mexico)
      • Laura Hendrie
      • David Henkel — Santa Fe Monthly Meeting (New Mexico)
      • Mary Klein, Western Friend
      • Carolyn Kuban — Boulder Monthly Meeting (Colorado)
      • Bill Lennon — Mountain View Monthly Meeting (Colorado)
      • Gina MacIlwraith
      • Christina Medvescek
      • Rebecca Morris — Boulder Monthly Meeting (Colorado)
      • David Nachman — Tempe Monthly Meeting (Arizona)
      • Jamie Newton — Gila Monthly Meeting – Silver City (New Mexico)
      • Tiffany Norton
      • Jennifer Ollman — Pima Monthly Meeting (Arizona)
      • Jerry Peterson — Mountain View Monthly Meeting (Colorado)
      • Nancy Rice — Albuquerque Monthly Meeting (New Mexico)
      • Sally Sharp
      • Tim Telep — Durango CO Monthly Meeting (New Mexico Regional Meeting)
      • Geoff Tischbein
      • Marie Vandenbark
      • Charlene Weir — Salt Lake Monthly Meeting (Utah)
      • Dave Wells — Tempe Monthly Meeting (Arizona)
      • Molly Wingate — Colorado Springs Monthly Meeting (Colorado)
      • Elizabeth Winslow — Mountain View Monthly Meeting (Colorado)
      • Eric Wright — Mountain View Monthly Meeting (Colorado)
      • Katherine Youngmeister — Santa Fe Monthly Meeting (New Mexico)


      • Gale Toko-Ross and Valerie Ireland, Co-Clerks
      • Laura Peterson, Arrangements Committee Clerk and Committee Members
      • Lisa Motz-Storey, Representatives Clerk, and Committee Members
      • Marc Gacy – Registrar
      • Dave Nachman – Recording Clerk
      • Polly & Sarah Feitler – Interest Seminar Coordinators
      • Kay Bordwell – Worship Sharing Coordinator
      • Deanne Butterfield and John Huyler, Program Working Group
      • C. Wess Daniels – Keynote Speaker
      • Interest Seminar Leaders
      • JYF coordinators:
        • Lisa Grenier
        • Gretchen Reinhardt
        • Dave Wells
      • SYF FAPs:
        • Brenda Chung
        • Carlos Valentin
        • David Wolf
      • Polly Washburn, Virtual Community Coordinator

Worship Sharing Information 2020

If you did not receive an email with your worship sharing group or room number, please look your name up on this list, which is sorted by last name: Worship Sharing Groups 

We are looking forward to sharing worship with you over the next several days.

As you can imagine, making this happen in our “virtual” setting presents some unique challenges. But we want people to be able to stay with the same worship group all four days. So please read on to learn how to help make the process go as smoothly as we can.

Please make note of your room and group number on this list.

The links for worship sharing are in an email you should have received yesterday with the subject line “IMYM – Welcome and Day One Links.” If you do not see it, please check your spam and promo folders. If you still don’t see it, send an email to

Please plan to arrive about 10 minutes before 9AM (8AM for our AZ/CA Friends) so that we can get you sorted into your group.

If you can, please sign into Zoom using the same email address that you are receiving this email with. That will help us do a little automated sorting. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it! 

Once you are in the zoom room, please edit your name temporarily to your Group Letter plus your first and last name. [example: D George Fox]. This will greatly speed up the process of the zoom host putting you in the right group. Here’s instructions for how to do that. If you can’t make it work, have your group letter ready if they need it. (they will also have a list of all the people and groups).

Please be patient with our hosts as they sort everyone into multiple breakout rooms.

Below is some additional information about worship sharing, as well as some queries. Our worship sharing coordinator has asked someone from each group to act as leader, but if you find that your group does not have one, please choose one.

Worship Sharing Queries for IMYM 2020

Notes on Worship Sharing 2020

If you have questions, reach out to the Worship Sharing coordinator, Kay Bordwell:



Sweet Home Monteverde Details

You can watch the movie Sweet Home Monteverde anytime today and join discussion at 8pm.
Click here to watch, and enter password: IMYM2020.

We will also have a “live” viewing starting at 7pm Saturday, followed by a Q&A at 8pm with the filmmakers, Robin Truesdale and Bill Adler. (see link in last night’s email).




For more background, read this article by Laura Melvin:

100 Years of Quiet Tenacity

Possible Q&A topics:

  1. Under what circumstances could you imagine leaving home for another country?
  1. What cultural and economic forces pushed the Quakers out of the US and what pulled them to Costa Rica?
  1. Do you think the Quakers would have been more effective advocates for peace if they had stayed in the US, or did they do the right thing in moving to Costa Rica?
  1. Once they settled in Monteverde, how did the Quakers’ attitudes about land use change over time?
  1. In what ways has Monteverde changed since the Quakers arrived in 1951? 
  1. More than 200,000 tourists visit Monteverde every year. What are the benefits to the community, and what are the costs?
  1. What values have the Quakers passed on to succeeding generations in Monteverde?
  1. What threats does Monteverde face today? And how are residents there confronting those threats?

2020 Documents in Advance

Please review the Agenda and Committee Reports in particular to prepare for Saturday and Sunday’s Meeting for Business sessions.

If we update these files, we will indicate the day that the new version was updated.

REVISED Agenda (June 20, reflecting what was covered in June 19 MfB)

2020-IMYM-Committee-Reports (June 16)

State of the Meeting Reports (June 16)

Memorial Minutes (June 23)

2020-Quaker-Organizations-Reports (June 19)

Late-breaking reports not included in the above:

2020 Ministry and Counsel

2020 FWCC Report (Friends World Committee for Consultation)

2020 FPT Report (Friends Peace Teams)


Virtual IMYM Zoom Volunteer How-To Guide

Thank you for volunteering! 

Here are the basic instructions – things may look different on your screen. Several of the settings here help us abide with what we promised the community when they registered. Please contact Polly if you have questions, especially if you were not able to make a training session.

Multiple Days Before the Session

Polly will send you a link to your session, the Host Key that you can use to claim the Host spot, and the emails of the host, co-host and presenter(s).

Please connect with your presenter(s) ahead of time to strategize for the session. Here is a checklist.

15 minutes before the session

We recommend host, co-host and presenter all join the room 10-15 minutes early. Use the Host Key that Polly sends you to claim the host spot.

Then host should assign their co-host and make the presenter a co-host so they can share their screen. Turn on waiting room until everything is as you planned: Mute all, block chat, etc according to what you decided.

Chat Features

Then “Admit all” from the waiting room. (This shows up at the top of the participant box).

When people arrive

Ask everyone to add their Meeting and pronouns (“like a name tag”)

Ask people who phone in for their name, and change their name on their icon.

If presenter wants to share their screen, make them a CO-host, rather than opening up screen sharing to all.

Briefly share a slide about how the session will go. (See this template).

Setting up breakout rooms

Unless this is a worship sharing session, you will almost always want to select “automatically” to let Zoom place people randomly in the number of rooms you select.

Breakout Settings

Then check your settings:

Breakout Room Settings

Note that people in a breakout room can only chat with folks in same room. If you need to reach people, you can send a “broadcast” message from the breakout room menu.

Other Notes

  • If you mute all, please keep “allow participants to unmute themselves” checked (unless it is a case of disruption, where muting everyone for a few minutes is the best way to handle the situation).

  • If your presenter asked to lock the room after 10 minutes, do that here:

Lock Meeting

Or here (bottom of Participant box):







As you can see, these menus are also where you can make sure that participants can unmute themselves, and turn on and off the waiting room.

  • If your session is 90 minutes, remind the host to take a 5-10 minute break!


Virtual Event Presenter checklist

Host and co-hosts, please discuss these questions with presenter, then fill out the IMYM-Session-Info-for-Participants to share with participants in opening moments of the session.

Will you have a powerpoint, video or other visuals to share on screen or as a file to download? Are you comfortable sharing your screen, or would you like the host or co-host to share it on their screen? 

Do you want to have participants muted while you are giving the presentation?

Do you want attenders to be able to send chat messages to each other (default is yes)?

Do you want to do break-out groups? If so, how many people in each group?

Do you want to use the “poll” feature for voting and getting feedback?

Do you want to “lock the doors” at a certain time? (5-10 minutes in, stop anyone new from joining the meeting)

If it’s a 90 minute session, when will a 5 minute break happen?

Friends in the Arts Storytelling



Dear Friends,

These pages are examples of exercises I use in my acting classes and are by no means required for anyone to take part in the “3 Minute Tales”

interest group.  I just think they are lots of fun to play around with and share.

Words for Emotional Fluency are worth looking over especially if one is preparing to tell a story or be generally emotionally eloquent.  They offer a way to enrich our vocabulary when speaking about feelings.  You may have words of your own to add to these lists.

Riddles and Tongue-twisters are fun ways to play with language and imagination.  If you want to check to see if you have guessed the correct answer to a riddle, you may email me at I will  respond ‘yes’ or provide a hint if ‘no’.  Use your wits to figure them out.  Try them out on others too.  Googling is cheating.

Why Storytelling? 

After humans get their basic food and shelter needs satisfied, one of the very next big needs is  “to be heard”.  People need to tell and to listen to stories because they carry not only our personal histories but are bearers of our culture as well.  They are lightweight, take up no space and can hold the whole world of joy, sorrow and excitement.  My goodness…….. there is a riddle right there!

What is weightless and takes up no space

Yet holds the whole world

Of joy, sorrow and excitement?

Come hear stories from our lives and maybe tell one of your own.

Lightly,   Caroline

IMYM 2020 Adult Schedule

Adult Schedule

(See CYF, JYF and SYF Schedule)

If you can’t view the schedule below properly, try viewing/downloading this PDF version (modified June 17)

Note: All times are listed in Mountain Daylight Time (CO, NM, UT). Friends from AZ and CA, please join us an hour earlier.

Emails with links to Saturday’s events were sent out to registrants early evening on June 19. The correct subject line is “IMYM — Daily Bulletin and Day Three links” and was sent from If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder and your promotions folder. 

Times for interest seminars may shift slightly. Length of Seminars is the number in parenthesis. Read descriptions of interest seminars here.

Listen to calming meditative music anytime of day!

SATURDAY: You can watch the movie Sweet Home Monteverde anytime today and join discussion at 8pm, or watch together at 7pm. (see link in last night’s email).
Click here to watch, and enter password: IMYM2020


Saturday & Sunday, June 20, 21

Slot (Time MDT)
Saturday Sunday
7:30AM – 8AM Morning worship Early Worship
8AM – 9AM Zoom practice time 
9AM – 10AM Worship sharing groups Worship sharing groups
10AM – 11AM Keynote + break Zoom practice time 
11AM – 12PM Keynote – Group Discussion/ Q&A Meeting for Worship (public event)
12PM – 1PM
1PM – 2PM Meeting for Business 1 Meeting for Business 2
2PM – 3PM (45 mins + 30 mins break + 45 mins) (45 mins + 30 mins break + 45 mins)
3PM – 4PM Inter-generational worship sharing Singing! Celebrate! (3:30 – 4:30)
3:30PM – 5PM People of Color Open House
4:30PM – 5PM Tim Telep – A Quaker Songbook
Live performance via Facebook Live
5PM -6PM Friends of Bill
6PM – 7PM
7PM – 9PM Creativity Night /
Sweet Home Monteverde (Documentary)



Thursday, June 18

Slot (Time MDT)
Event 1 Event 2
7:30AM – 8AM Morning worship
8AM – 9AM Zoom practice time 
9AM – 10AM Worship sharing groups
10AM – 11AM
11AM – 12PM Interest Seminar A: “New Mexico: Land of Enchantment or Toxic Wasteland?” (60) Interest Seminar A2: “How does the creative spirit fare with thee?” (60)
12PM – 1PM Western Friend, Earlham and FWCC drop-in sessions
Zoom Practice Time
1PM – 2PM Western Friend discussion: Digital Quakers
2PM – 3PM Interest Seminar B: “The Power of Enough” (90) Interest Seminar B2: “Migration and You”
3:30PM – 5PM People of Color Open House
4PM – 5PM Interest Seminar C: “Resisting Empire: The Book of Revelation as Resistance, Wess Daniels” (90)
5PM -6PM
6PM – 7PM Interest Seminar D: “Experiment with Light” (60) Interest Seminar D2: “FCNL’s Legislative Priorities for Nuclear Weapons Policy” (60)


Friday, June 19

Slot (Time MDT)
Event 1 Event 2
7:30AM – 8AM Morning worship
8AM – 9AM Zoom practice time (anyone may join to practice their Zoom skills)
9AM – 10AM Worship sharing Worship sharing groups
10AM – 11AM
11AM – 12PM Interest Seminar E: “A Vision from 2050 – Looking Back on Covid-19 and Climate Change” Interest SeminarE2: “Exploring Quaker Mysticism” (90)
12PM – 1PM Engaging with AFSC in the time of COVID, Repression and Rebellion Way will Open: Quaker Center in Transition

FCNL drop-in

1PM – 2PM Interest Seminar F: Poetry Heals (60) FGC drop-in
2PM – 3PM Interest Seminar G: Climate Crisis (60) Interest Seminar G2: “Moving Toward the End of Life with Integrity” (90)
3PM – 4PM Inter-generational worship sharing People of Color Open House (3:30 – 5pm)
3:30PM – 5PM People of Color Open House
4PM – 5PM Interest Seminar H: Friends In the Arts Storytelling – Three Minute Tales (90) Interest Seminar H2: “Friends Couple Enrichment” (90)
6PM – 7PM Interest Seminar J: “Iroquois Thanksgiving Address” (60) Interest Seminar J2: “Racial Equity in Our Meetings – A Facilitated Conversation” (90)
7:30PM – 9PM Seeking Solutions: Documentary on Immigration