Fall 2018 Newsletter

Fall 2018 Newsletter of the Intermountain Yearly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends

October 18, 2018

Dear Friends,

Intermountain Yearly Meeting will hold its annual gathering at Ghost Ranch in the environs of Abiquiu, New Mexico for the last time this summer. We will gather from June 9 until June 16, 2019. After much footwork, many meetings, and careful discernment by the Representatives Committee, I can announce that we will move to Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado in 2020. In the next month or so, I will send you information about the program and speaker from the Program Working Group; our theme is “Faith, Fear and the Future.”

Included here you will find important dates, access to the proceedings of the 2017 annual gathering, and other information. Most importantly, you will find the Fall Queries for your consideration.  Representatives Committee asks Friends to provide them guidance as they consider the present and future of IMYM. If you don’t have a chance to be part of a monthly meeting’s discernment about these queries, please send your personal discernment to me by January 10, 2019, clerk@imym.org.

Peace and Joy,

Molly Wingate
Clerk of IMYM

Dates of Note:

Arrangements Committee (the folks who plan the annual gathering) will meet at Pima Meeting in Tucson January 18-20, 2019.

Representatives Committee (the folks who consider and season business for the annual gathering) will meet Denver at Mountain View Meeting House February 8-10, 2018.

New on imym.org:

The documents related to the 2018 Annual Gathering are available at http://imym.org/2018-annual-gathering/.

These include the business meetings minutes, epistles, committee reports, minutes of concern, state of the meeting reports, gathering evaluations and more. Please enjoy this rich resource to learn about our community or to pursue questions regarding the goings on at the Annual Gathering.

Please help us spread the news:

Share this newsletter with those in your monthly meeting who might be interested. Also send corrected addresses to: clerk@imym.org

Please send the names and contact information for your monthly and regional meetings’ Clerk and Representative to Representatives Committee to clerk@imym.org. Along with the web clerks and others, I continually update the mailing list.

And last but not least:

Fall Queries for Intermountain Yearly Meeting – 2018

After considering the annual gathering evaluations, the evaluation on the structure of IMYM, and the leadings of members, the Representatives Committee offers these queries for monthly meetings to consider. Responses to all the queries is ideal, but please feel free to use your resources as needed. Send responses to Molly Wingate at clerk@imym.org by January 10, 2019.  I will compile the responses and distribute them to representatives to consider as they prepare for Representatives Committee meeting on February 8th , 2019 in Denver.

1. About the schedule for our Annual Gathering

We envision the annual gathering as a time for worship and fellowship, when younger and older people exchange ideas of the ‘durable satisfactions’ of life and, under a sense of Divine Presence, explore ways to experience and share them – precious times of living and loving, praying and learning.”  (Paraphrasing Clarissa Cooper in her 1974 history of IMYM)

Some years ago, we expanded the annual gathering of Intermountain Meeting to be a full week by including “early days” into the schedule. Early days begin on Sunday afternoon run through Wednesday morning.  For three days, we offer multi-meeting workshops where we can dive deeply into topics. The early days also provide additional time for restorative hiking, bird watching, and socializing, and for our children to mingle in a Quaker community. But they add expense for those attending and taking a week away can be difficult.

“Regular days” begin with committee meetings on Wednesday afternoon and go through worship on Sunday morning. Regular days include plenary meetings for our welcome, our speaker(s), for the Senior Young Friends Listening Session, for meetings for worship for business and for meetings for worship. Worship sharing, interest groups, committee meetings, and evening activities fill our time together.

As we prepare to move to a new location and in response to concerns voiced in our evaluations, it is time to reevaluate the schedule of our annual gathering, particularly the Early Days.  Please tell us your thoughts about the role of Early Days in the yearly meeting. Possible questions to consider include the following, but please go wherever Spirit leads you. Please be sure to include all populations in your meeting, including Senior Young Friends.

a. Do we want to continue having the Early Days for four days?
b. Are we done with Early Days?
c. Would we like them to become part of the regular days of the annual gathering?2. About Pay as Led

We have discerned that we will continue using Pay as Led to finance our annual gathering for the foreseeable future. Using this method, Friends prayerfully consider how much they wish to pay for their room and board at the gathering. And then pay as they are led by Spirit – either more or less than the actual cost. This first year of using this method, we had 10% more attenders, 51% more young adult friends and came within 4% of covering all of our costs. As we plan for next year, your feedback will be very helpful.

a. How did your monthly meeting experience pay as led?

This year we created an equalization fund to cover our costs by asking monthly meetings to contribute the amount of money they normally spent to support those attending the annual gathering. Going forward, are there other ways your monthly meeting would like to pay for it?

b. Would your meeting rather add to your assessment payments than make a separate contribution to the equalization fund?
c. Would you like to encourage individuals in your meeting to support the annual gathering?
d. Do you have other ideas? 3. About relationship between IMYM and MM.  

Do you have any concerns about how your Monthly Meeting relates to the Yearly Meeting (not just the Annual Gathering) throughout the year? Are there programs or other things you wish the Yearly Meeting could offer or provide?


Documents in Advance for the 2018 IMYM Gathering

Please review these documents before attending the 2018 IMYM Gathering. These files will be referred to during Meetings for Business. Each link is a PDF file containing all of the reports for that section in a single document.

Part I: Committee Reports – IMYM 2018

Part II: State of the Meeting Reports – IMYM 2018

Part III: Reports from Quaker Organizations – IMYM 2018

Part IV: Epistles from Yearly Meetings – IMYM 2018

Part V: Memorial Minutes – IMYM 2018

Additional Reports  (Added June 3. Anything submitted after above documents were posted.)

Revised Nominating Committee Report (June 7, 2018)


2018 Arts Schedule of Presentations

SUNDAY EVENING June 17  – after supper- Art Building Studio

[no art experience required] On this ‘arrival night’, we will  get acquainted, plan a schedule of studio shifts,  unpack and organize art supplies and prepare for the Mural and Mask workshops Monday morning.  During the week we will steward the studio, its supplies and welcome workshops participants. This open, informal group may become a think/feel-tank about how the arts program can best serve our conference this year and in future.      


MONDAY 9- 11:45am    Art Building – Big Room

Presenter: Mary Klein, editor, Western Friend.  Explore timeless images from the Hebrew Bible, Christian Gospels, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Tao Teh Ching, Fox, Pennington, Joni Mitchell and more.  We’ll create and share our own sacred images as deep expressions of faith. Bring your favorite tools for writing.  

MONDAY 9- 11:45am    Art Building – Studio

Presenter: Caroline Rackley, artist/designer, Santa Fe Meeting.  

MURALS:     This is Group Art in which we create together large, portable images on fabric and transport our masterpieces to other Ghost Ranch locations including Talent Night and re-visit them in years to come.  Everyone welcome , drop-ins ok.

MASK MAKING:    Applying color, texture, cut images and found materials onto simple mask templates,  we can play…. letting our faces become extraordinary canvases for expression and contemplation. Bring collage materials if you like, some will be available.   Everyone welcome, drop-ins ok.

MONDAY EVENING 7pm  – Art Building Studio

MURAL/MASK MAKING………… continued

MONDAY EVENING 7pm – Art Building Big Room

Presenter: Caroline Rackley, drama coach.  In this “theatre of service” self-concepts  expand in play to portray roles in one another’s stories. [Didn’t we do this as kids?]  After a quick acting class, we will  improvise our own personal experiences of peace and peace making, or even where peace is still to come.   


TUESDAY 9-11:45am    Art Building Big Room

Presenter: Sue Lauther, Colorado Springs Meeting.  We will transform from quietude, curiosity, joy and a desire to expand awareness and ease through trying something new in a safe environment. Contact Improvisation emphasizes physical and emotional safety, developing and expanding boundaries with respect for everyone.  We become amazed at the unique nature of each dance.  Everyone  welcome.

TUESDAY 9-11:45am    Art Building  Studio  
MURALS/MASKS ….. continued

WEDNESDAY 9-11:45am     Art Building  Big Room
Presenter, Barbara Kelly, Boulder Meeting.     Quakers value silence greatly and breaking it demands something worthy of the interruption.  So, what about music?  Isn’t music an accompaniment to silence that doesn’t break but rather adds to it?  If you agree, bring a CD of the music that transports you to sacredness.  Come share your favorite with others who cherish music.  We will listen, reflect and discern.  Everyone is welcome.

WEDNESDAY 9-11:45am     Art Building  Studio (shared)
MURALS/MASKS …….. continued

WEDNESDAY 9-11:45am     Art Building  Studio (shared)
PEACES OF PEACE:  STITCHING AND SHARING TOGETHER– presenter, Beverley Weiler, Santa Fe Meeting.   A machine and/or hand sewing experience for all ages.  Join Beverley and Heather to make Bookmarks, Beanbags, Baskets and more!  Everyone welcome.  

WEDNESDAY EVENING  7pm  Art Building – Studio

MURALS/MASKS ……continued

[Big Room open, no formal session]

THURSDAY EVENING  7pm Art Building
[Big Room open, no formal session]

THURSDAY EVENING 7pm  Art Building Studio (shared)
MURALS/MASKS …continued


FRIDAY EVENING  7pm Art Building
[Big Room open, no formal session]

FRIDAY EVENING  7pm Art Building Studio
MURALS/MASKS …. continued… finishing up mural and mask work


SATURDAY  9-11:45am     Art Building  Studio

MURALS/MASKS …. continued… finishing up mural and mask work, packing up supplies for storage.

submitted by Arts Coordinator Caroline Rackley

505-217-6169, <designultd@newmexico.com>

2018 Early Days and Interest Groups Schedule

Monday –  Wednesday Morning (3 day) Seminars

Writing A Way Open – The Poetic Explorations of William Stafford
led by Peter Anderson (Durango MM)  A three day seminar
One of the most prolific poets of the 20th Century, William Stafford began his writing practice while working at a service camp for conscientious objectors during World War II.  His approach to writing, much like the Quaker orientation in worship and worship sharing, was one of opening and listening.  In our time together, we will learn about his life as a poet and an occasional Quaker and discuss his approach to writing, poetry and teaching.  We will also read some of his poems, write together, and consider ways that his writing process might inform and perhaps enhance our own poetic and spiritual lives.

Individual Spiritual Discernment:  Receiving, Testing and Implements Guidance from a Higher Power
led by Jerry Knutson. A three day seminar.
This will be an expansion of material presented at AZ HYM September 2017.
The workshop will be based on Jerry Knutson’s Pendle Hill Pamphlet #443 of the same title.  Participants are requested to read it in advance and to bring a question, issue or situation they would like to discern.  While covering the whole pamphlet, the primary focus of this workshop will be practicing methods of discernment, testing, implementing, spiritual disciplines and forgiveness.

Tuesday and Wednesday Morning (2 day) Seminar
The #MeToo! Movement:  An Exploratory Workshop for Quaker Men
led by Allen Winchester (Santa Fe MM) and Steve Finger (Flagstaff MM)
The #MeToo! movement has shaken up traditional relationships between men and women.  This workshop will use queries, discussion, worship sharing and our Quaker tradition to help men explore and better understand their experiences, roles and responses to this changing social and sexual landscape.  How can we as men emotionally support survivors of abuse and sexual exploitation?
This is a two-day closed group for men.  Participants must commit to both days. 
Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (1 day) Morning Seminars
Friends in the Arts 
will have a variety of activities including the Mural Project popular last year.  This is dependent on Friends volunteering to share their talents in any of the arts.  Contact Caroline Rackley at designultd@nemexico.com by May 1 if you are willing to share.
Monday Evening
  • Family Friendly Movie – We will be showing a family-friendly movie at 7 pm. The movie and location will be on the bulletin board Monday.
Tuesday Evening
  • Welcoming Meetings Workshop – Our keynote speaker, Eileen Flanagan, will present a workshop on “Making Meetings Welcoming: Implicit Bias and Creating a Welcoming Meeting.”

Thursday Afternoon Interest Groups  
  • Sanctuary
  • Homelessness
  • White Privilege and Racism
  • Sexual/Gender Identity
  • Nurturing Friends’ Actions/Clearness and Care Committees
  • Nurturing Aging Friends
Thursday Evening
  • New IMYM website – Familiarization and Q&A
    7-9 PM Lobby of Ranch Administration Building just behind the Ghost Ranch office — The IMYM Web Team will offer a session/drop-in for committee clerks and anyone else interested in learning about finding, editing and adding information to the new website that was instituted just after last  year’s gathering.
Saturday Afternoon Interest Groups  
  • Intergenerational Cooperative Games
  • Immigration and Border Concerns
  • Climate Change/Environment/Food Production
  • Prison Visitation/Alternatives to Violence
  • Nurturing Our Children
  • Making Our Meetings More Welcoming
  • Peace and Militarism

Getting to Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch is located 65 miles northwest of Santa Fe on U.S. 84.  The Ghost Ranch office phone is (505) 685-4333 (that is also the number by which you can be contacted in an emergency).

Arriving by air

The nearest major airport is in Albuquerque, 125 miles south of Ghost Ranch. Several rental car agencies are located at the airport. Plan to arrive early in the day, by 2 or 3 pm, in order to arrive at Ghost Ranch in time for supper, and plan to depart between 3 and 6 pm to allow time to get from Ghost Ranch to the airport.

If you need transportation to/from the airport, be sure to fill out the relevant information in the registration form (flight info, arrival/departure times). You will then be contacted by a travel coordinator.

Driving Directions

From the south:  Santa Fe can be bypassed by taking the Santa Fe Relief Route, NM 599.  The exit for 599 off I-25 occurs immediately after the turnoff to Madrid and NM 41. After bypassing Santa Fe, 599 joins US 84 and US 285, with signs to Espanola and the Santa Fe Opera. Take US 84 North all the way to Ghost Ranch. Follow the signs to Espanola, but just before getting to the center of Espanola, you must TURN LEFT to stay on US 84, which goes around downtown Espanola. (Do not go toward Taos!) Look for the signs to Chama. US 84 will take you past Abiquiu.

Fourteen miles past Abiquiu, look for the Ghost Ranch sign on the entrance gate on your right between mileposts 224 and 225. It is a well-marked dirt road. Drive slowly to minimize dust.

Another way of bypassing Santa Fe and Espanola is through the “back route” from Bernalillo, 16 miles north of Albuquerque. Take US 550 to Cuba. About 4 to 7 miles past Cuba turn right on NM 96 northward to La Jara, Regina, Gallina, Coyote, Youngsville, and the Abiquiu Dam. US 84 is across the Dam and up the hill. Turn left on US 84 and proceed 3 miles to the Ghost Ranch entrance.

From Colorado: We suggest that the quickest route for those driving from the Front Range area of Colorado, is south on Interstate 25 to Walsenburg, west on US 160 over La Veta Pass to Alamosa, south on SR 17 / US 185 to Antonito, then southwest to Chama on SR 17.  From Chama continue south on US 84.  The Ghost Ranch entrance is on your left between mileposts 224 and 225, 36 miles south of Chama.

Upon Arrival at Ghost Ranch

Follow the signs that point to IMYM and park in front of the Ghost Ranch office building.  Walk up the road to Ghost House, where you will pick up your room assignment and welcome materials. Early Days check-in begins Sunday June 10, at 1 PM.

Meal service is not available at Ghost Ranch after 6:15 pm. If you are staying in Ghost Ranch housing, dinner is included on the day of your indicated arrival. Plan to arrive in time to check in at the Registrar’s office, find your room, and arrive at the dining hall for dinner no later than 6 pm.

What do we do at IMYM?

Ministry and Counsel

Ministry and Counsel is an IMYM committee that serves as spiritual support for clerks, the executive committee and others. It has responsibility for the care of the gathering, the care for individuals and their concerns about relationships, practices and events associated with the annual gathering and the Yearly Meeting. Confidentiality is honored and matters are approached with an open mind. We are available for consultation, as needed, in the good order of Friends. Please consult Faith and Practice for a more complete description.

Please consult the Adult Schedule when available to see when members of Ministry and Counsel will be available for listening to concerns.

Seminars and Interest Groups

Seminars take place Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (Early Days only). Interest Groups will occur on Thursday afternoon and Saturday afternoon during Regular Session. Most interest groups and seminars can be chosen during registration, although topics and times may change as late as the start of Yearly Meeting, if necessary.

Final topics, times and locations will be posted at Ghost Ranch. See Seminars, Interest Groups, and Early Days Arts for a list of the currently planned topics with details about each listing.

Early Days Arts Focus

IMYM Early Days Arts Focus will offer workshops, worship sharing, and open studios as a way of deepening our spirits through creativity. The arts are defined as widely as possible, including visual arts, music, writing and performing. Consider joining some of our sessions this week, even if you have no prior experience. They are free and open-hearted. Some do require that you sign up in advance; this can be done during Registration. Others may be available without advance sign-up.

In addition to the workshops, open studio time will provide a variety of media, including clay, and quiet space in the art building throughout IMYM when scheduled workshops are not in session. Topics and times will be posted at Ghost Ranch. All are held in the Arts Building.

Brief descriptions of the Early Days arts offerings can be found at Seminars, Interest Groups, and Early Days Arts.

Worship Sharing

Worship Sharing helps build our spiritual community, and is usually one of our most highly rated activities at IMYM. After hearing a query, up to 10 members gather and confidentially worship and share experiences. We try to mix ages, genders, and Monthly Meetings within the groups, so all get to know some new people in this intimate setting. Groups should NOT include members from the same family. Please mark your registration form to specify your preferred locations and types of worship sharing.

If you are an adult (and not scheduled for a concurrent volunteer activity), you will be scheduled for a Morning Worship Sharing group of 8 – 10 individuals. Please plan to attend and support the rest of the members of your group.

Our Senior Young Friends (SYFs) host Intergenerational Worship Sharing (IGWS) shortly after lunch. SYFs choose queries important to them, and are the group leaders. They are very eager for adult Friends to attend the groups, to encourage learning and sharing across the generations, and enough so that all SYF’s can experience leading or co-leading a group. If you cannot attend all 3 afternoon groups please aim for Thu and Fri afternoons at least. Junior Young Friends will participate on Saturday and will help fill some spaces that day. If you would like get to know some SYFs better and help build up this intergenerational community, please sign up for this opportunity.

For more information about worship sharing, please see the section beginning on page 39 in our IMYM Faith and Practice, available in a pdf document.


Our gathering is spirit led and volunteer powered. Volunteers run IMYM. Your help in any area is much appreciated and will enrich your experience. Please indicate on the registration form what you can do as a volunteer. If you have questions about what is required, contact the person listed or the Volunteer Coordinator.

A list of volunteer opportunities is available at:

Intergenerational Fun

Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings include intergenerational fun activities such as singing around a campfire, contra-dancing with our Quaker all-volunteer band, and Creativity Night! During the day, one might choose to join an intergenerational worship sharing group (please register ahead of time), or participate in cooperative games on Saturday afternoon.

Please check the schedules to see what’s available each day, and come have fun!

Volunteering at IMYM

Our gathering is spirit-led and volunteer powered. Volunteers run IMYM!  Your help in any area is much appreciated and will enrich your experience.  Please indicate on the registration form what you can do as a volunteer.  If you have questions about what is required, contact the person listed or the Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Dahl.

How might you help during IMYM?

Spanish Translators
Spanish translators are needed for advance copies of the Memorial Minutes and for simultaneous translation during business meetings.

Newcomer Coordinator – Host/organizer for new attenders lunch, match up buddy families.

Buddy person/family for new attenders
We want to match first-time attenders with a buddy person or buddy family to help introduce newcomers to Ghost Ranch and Yearly Meeting life. You will meet with your first-timers as soon as possible after you both arrive, and then regularly to answer questions and make sure they feel a full part of the annual gathering.

Book Store Assistance
Help supervise and sell books in FGC bookstore – sign up in bookstore after arrival.  Help unpack and set up the bookstore on Wednesday, and pack it up on Saturday.

Registrars need help handing out registration materials and orienting those new to IMYM and Ghost Ranch. Especially busy times are Sunday and Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Nursery Care
The nursery often needs people willing to be with our youngest Friends. Please sign up on the volunteer list for the times you are interested in helping out at the nursery.

Children’s Yearly Meeting
We always encourage willing and energetic volunteers to help make Children’s Yearly Meeting a success every year! We can use volunteering help on any of the afternoon times and we will have a volunteering signup sheet at the Parent Orientation. If you would like to sign up early or you have a specific activity in mind for the volunteer sessions, please email the Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Dahl.  When you check in to volunteer, we will have a safety agreement for you to sign.  Once you arrive at Ghost Ranch, please feel free to contact one of the CYM coordinators or stop by our area to sign up as a volunteer.

Junior Young Friends
JYF’ers are a lively, smart, funny and creative group who like being with each other, and who are respectful of adults. Support people are needed for all activities – to serve as extra hands, extra eyes and extra hearts to enjoy and nurture this great age group.  Volunteering for even just one activity will add a very special dimension to your IMYM experience.

Set up IMYM on arrival Sunday and take-down on departure Saturday and Sunday
Those who can arrive just after lunch on Sunday, June 10, are needed to put up bulletin boards, signs and other IMYM supplies, and to help transport Operations items out of storage.

Take down IMYM on departure (Saturday and Sunday)
Those who can help out in the afternoon or evening of Saturday, June 16, or who can stay an hour or two after lunch on Sunday, June 17, are needed to take down bulletin boards, signs and other IMYM supplies, and to help place them back into storage.  Contact Carl Feitler with questions.

Golf Cart Coordinator
The Golf Cart Coordinator organizes the people who volunteer to drive the golf carts, including scheduling drivers to drive folks to various locations at IMYM. This coordinator must:

  • have prior experience driving golf carts at IMYM
  • Be at least 25 years of age but under 70 (because of insurance requirements)

Please include the Golf Cart Driver Volunteer Form and a copy of your driver’s license with your registration.  You must complete a liability release form at Ghost Ranch.

Golf Carts
Drivers must be at least 25 years of age but under 70 (because of insurance requirements). We have separate morning and afternoon drivers, so drivers will have time to eat lunch.  Please include the Golf Cart Driver Volunteer Form and a copy of your driver’s license with your registration.  You must complete a liability release form at Ghost Ranch.

Lower Pavilion Setup Coordinator
Keep track of the Lower Pavilion schedule in order to coordinate Lower Pavilion Setup Volunteers to arrange chairs and set up the microphones and amps for Lower Pavilion meetings and events. Requires remaining a few minutes after a session to assure arrangements for next event.

Lower Pavilion Setup
Volunteers help arrange chairs and set up the microphones and amps for Lower Pavilion meetings and events. Requires remaining a few minutes after a session to assure arrangements for next event.

Daily Bulletin
A Daily Bulletin, with breaking news, scheduling changes, items for business, and other announcements, is posted daily at the dining hall, at the Ghost House communications center, the campground, and on bulletin boards. One or two editors who are familiar with Ghost Ranch and IMYM are needed one or two hours each night to create and distribute the bulletin.

Worship Sharing Leaders
Provide daily queries, explain the worship sharing process and guidelines to group members, and help the group follow these guidelines. Worship sharing leaders should have at least two years of experience participating in worship sharing groups (not necessarily as leaders, and not necessarily at IMYM). Leaders must be able to attend the Worship Sharing Leader training on Wednesday afternoon before dinner; see the Adult Schedule for the training time.

Musicians for Contra Dance Band


Yearly Meeting: General Information and FAQs

Welcome!  We are so glad you are planning to join us!  We expect to have a fantastic time this year!  And, as always, there are rules to be followed and questions to be answered…so here you are!
No pets other than service animals are allowed at Ghost Ranch. If you are bringing a service animal, you must contact Ghost Ranch ahead of time to inform them. Service animals arriving without prior notice may not be permitted.

No illegal drugs or substances should be brought to Ghost Ranch.

Communication at Ghost Ranch: Radio reception is very poor.  Cell phones often don’t work.  Phone cards are sold at the gift shop and can be used at a phone outside the Ghost Ranch office.  Internet access is usually, but not always, available at specific locations.  “Quiet” and “Lights Out” are at 10:00 pm.  There is more information on Ghost Ranch’s website.

Gathering Directories will not be made available at the Annual Gathering. Instead they will be e-mailed to you shortly after Annual Gathering. We still will need everyone to check their directory listing for accuracy at the registration table.

Lunch on the last Sunday of the Gathering:  We have the option of choosing either a sack lunch made up at breakfast time for travelers, or a hot lunch in the dining hall. Indicate which on your registration form.

How do I register?  

Go to this page

You can register each member of your group there, including children and youth, and there are links to all the permission forms that young friends will need.

Can I pay online?  No. For simplicity and keeping costs down, payments will still be handled by check. Print out a payment form to send with your check.

How do I pay? Where do I send my payment? What is the registrar’s address?  Please send a payment form with your payment. The registrar’s address is on the upper left of the payment form.

What is the family/group name?  A separate registration is required for each person, even children, but only one payment needs to be sent.  The family/group name makes it possible to relate that payment to each related registration form. Individual registrants can just use their last name. If you have a common last name or adult children who register separately, it would be good if you use something unique.

Why are there personal questions about date of birth, gender, physical ability, my Meeting, etc. on the registration form?  This information is needed to create diverse worship sharing groups and to determine the locations for groups to which you’ll be assigned.  It’s also shared with Ghost Ranch medical staff for use in emergencies.

Why are so many permission forms required for young Friends?  For issues of insurance and liability, activities provided by Ghost Ranch (ropes, waterfront activities, or hikes) and IMYM require release forms.

How do I choose between Lower Level and Mesa housing?  Being on the mesa requires walking approximately a quarter of a mile each way to the Dining Hall along a steep, pebbly path.  Ghost Ranch asks us to use our vehicles as little as possible once we arrive and park.

What meals are included with a night’s lodging in GR rooms?   Three meals are included with each night’s lodging, beginning with dinner, and including breakfast and lunch the following day.  (Campers must buy any meals or drinks they wish to have in the Dining Hall.)

What about buying additional meals?  If you arrive in time for lunch on the date your registration begins, you can buy a lunch meal ticket from the Ghost Ranch office.

What is the refund policy?  The registration fee is NOT refundable. In the case of emergency cancellations, other fees will be refunded if requested, mailed after Yearly Meeting concludes.

How do I receive financial aid?

This year IMYM is using the Pay-As-Led model for participants to pay for attending IMYM. In order to facilitate this, instead of a cost for housing being applied when room choices are made, applicants put the amount they are willing to pay for food and lodging each day. We have reproduced the lodging table to facilitate this process.

A family of two adults and one child wishes to stay in Corral Block. They have selected Corral Block as their choice of housing on the lodging page. They have decided they are able to pay approximately half of the complete cost, or $40 for adults and $20 for the child. They are coming in Wednesday night, so they put $100 ($40 + $40 + $20) in Wednesday Night, Thursday Night, Friday Night and Saturday Night.

We want you to attend the annual gathering, no matter how much you can pay. This chart provides some guidelines.  Choose the accommodations that best fit your needs, being mindful that some people must stay on the lower level due to accessibility concerns. Prayerfully consider the costs and what you can afford.

Why aren’t the locations of worship sharing groups and interest groups given in advance?  The worship sharing and interest group coordinators need the information on ages, abilities, and numbers of people interested from all the registrations in order to assign locations. Locations will be posted at the Communication Center at Ghost House, the Dining Hall, the Campground and other places.

How do I find out about volunteer assignments and where groups will meet?  Volunteer assignments and group locations will be posted at the Ghost House Communication Center and at the Dining Hall.

Can I receive and make calls at Ghost Ranch?  Cell phones don’t work reliably at Ghost Ranch. Please give the Ghost Ranch office number, 505-685-4333, to anyone who may need to contact you in emergencies. Ghost Ranch will have your name and room or campsite number, which will also be on your door or campsite. For that reason, we ask you NOT to switch to another room or campsite for any reason without first consulting with the Registrars. You can make phone card calls at the Ghost Ranch office, and cards are sold in the gift shop. Wi-fi is available in a few locations.

What do I do when I arrive at Ghost Ranch? When you get to Ghost Ranch, follow the signs that point to IMYM and park in front of the Ghost Ranch office building.  Walk up the road to Ghost House, where you will pick up your room assignment and welcome materials. Early Days registration begins Sunday June 10, at 1 PM. Please note, rooms may not be available before 3pm!

Can I contact a registrar about the registration form or my issues?  Yes.   Email us any time at IMYMRegistrars@gmail.com.