Ghost Ranch Lodging, Camping and Meals

This year IMYM is using the Pay-As-Led model for participants to pay for attending IMYM. In order to facilitate this, instead of a cost for housing being applied when room choices are made, applicants put the amount they are willing to pay for food and lodging each day. We have reproduced the lodging table to facilitate this process.

A family of two adults and one child wishes to stay in Corral Block. They have selected Corral Block as their choice of housing on the lodging page. They have decided they are able to pay approximately half of the complete cost, or $40 for adults and $20 for the child. They are coming in Wednesday night, so they put $100 ($40 + $40 + $20) in Wednesday Night, Thursday Night, Friday Night and Saturday Night.

We want you to attend the annual gathering, no matter how much you can pay. The chart below provides some guidelines.  Choose the accommodations that best fit your needs, being mindful that some people must stay on the lower level due to accessibility concerns. Prayerfully consider the costs and what you can afford.

(Kids 3 and under are free, 4-12 are half price, 13 and up are full cost)

Lodging, three meals a day
Room/Age/Meal Type
(cost shown is per night)
  Previous Scholarship recipients minimum, average2
Child 4-12
Complete Cost1
Child 4-12
Previous Scholarship recipients minimum, average2
under 4 
Rustic (includes SYF & FAP at Staff House)
(Communal Bath Mesa Level)
$79 $0, $47 $39 $0, $23  free
Communal Bath
(Main Ranch Level, aka Corral Block)
$102 $11, $60 $51 $6, $30  free
Semi-private Bath
$128 $0, $82 $64 $0, $41  free
Private Bath3
$146 $60, $95 $73 $30, $47  free
Campsites – Assumes two adults
RV Site
$23 $0, $14 $3 $0, $1 free
Tent site, no electricity
$18 $0, $11 $3 $0, $1 free
Tent site, electricity
$20 $0, $12 $3 $0, $1 free

1 – The cost of a room with comparable amenities including three meals, adjusted to match IMYM’s cost to Ghost Ranch

2 – The Previous Scholarship Recipients column, indicates two values the minimum amount paid and the average amount paid, based on scholarships given from 2015 to 2017. The minimum amount indicates the minimum amount paid by all scholarship recipients for a given housing type, adjusted to 2018 costs. The average amount is the average (mean) amount paid by all scholarship recipients for a given housing type, adjusted to 2018 costs.

3 – Private Bath does not mean a private room.

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Room prices are determined by the bathroom arrangements.  We will do our very best to accommodate your needs and requests, but we cannot accommodate private room requests (a single person in a room to themselves).


  • Shared bath: separate men’s and women’s multi-shower facility shared by multiple sleeping rooms.
  • Semi-private bath: located between two sleeping rooms; each room has access to the bathroom.
  • Private bath:  accessible from one sleeping room only

There is housing for people with mobility impairment. Please see the Accessibility at Ghost Ranch page for more detailed information.  There are special rooms for those using wheelchairs or scooters. Please indicate what you need. Friends with mobility impairment should consider not requesting to stay on The Mesa if they cannot manage the steep ¼ – ½ mile walk to most meeting rooms and the dining hall.



Lower Level

Lower level housing is in several buildings with 54 rooms; private, semi-private, and shared or dorm-style bathrooms. Linens and towels are provided.  Several rooms in Corral Block are large and will be assigned to families with young children. Certain semi-private and private rooms are ADA designated, including ramps and bathrooms. Regrettably, Corral Block has no ADA accessibility. Please indicate your requirements on the registration form.


New Mesa

Two newly constructed buildings with modern, well-furnished rooms, some with pull-out couch twins, with overhead fans and private bathrooms. Linens and towels are provided. Some adjoining rooms can be assigned as suites for families, and each building has one ADA room. There is an ice machine, laundry, and nearby parking. There is a steep ¼ – ½ mile walk down to most meeting rooms and the dining hall. We ask that you please park your car and do not use it for transport.


Old Mesa

Eight buildings with 36 summer-style rooms with bunkbeds and dorm-style bath facilities. Most rooms have sinks. All buildings have toilets and some have showers. A laundry room is nearby. Linens and towels are provided. There is a steep ¼ – ½ mile walk down to most meeting rooms and the dining hall. We ask that you please park your car and do not use it for transport.

Staff House

Reserved for Senior Young Friends and their adults (FAPs). Staff House provides 21 rooms, most with 2 beds each, and 4 common degendered bathroom-showers.



The campground has 69 sites.  8 sites are RV-full hookups, 22 sites are tent/RV with electricity only, and the remaining 39 sites have no utilities.  The number of campers is limited to 120 (because of sanitation limitations), but IMYM has not yet come close to that number.

For tent campers, most tent sites can accommodate two tents, some can only accommodate one tent, and a few can take three tents.  There is a great variety among the sites. Only a few sites have shade trees, and some have little or no privacy.  Depending on the number of campers, you may be asked to share your site.

Ghost Ranch charges camping per site.  You will be charged the relative proportion of the site your share (½ or ⅓). Site assignment is first-come, first-served. If two families/groups are planning on sharing a site, please indicate this on your registration form.

While campers will still need to pay their registration fees and any meal charges in advance, we will not collect any campsite fees until you arrive at the gathering. Please bring cash or a checkbook, as IMYM cannot accept credit cards.

The camping area has toilets, hot water, showers, ice machines, and a laundry room. There is a bulletin board for messages. Bring sturdy tents, as strong and destructive winds are possible. Consider bringing a screened shade shelter to provide protection from both bugs and desert sun. The campground is a fairly long walk from meeting rooms and the dining hall. Many families bring bicycles for getting around at Ghost Ranch, and golf carts rides can be requested.

Upon arrival, campers may first find a campsite and then register with the Campground Host (located at the entrance to the campground). After that, please register with IMYM Registration at Ghost House with your campsite number.

Meals are not included in the campground fees. If campers wish to purchase dining hall meals, they are asked to sign up and pay for them on the Registration Form, so that Ghost Ranch can get accurate meal counts. Campers can purchase extra meals or drinks tickets in the Ghost Ranch office. Campers may bring their own food to the dining hall.


The Ghost Ranch room fees include three meals a day. Ghost Ranch policy does not let us separate meals from lodging costs except for those who, for medical reasons, must eat a gluten-free diet. They must bring their own food. Each “day” consists of supper, housing that night, and breakfast and lunch the next day.  Meal tickets necessary for early arrivals may be paid for on your Registration Form, or may be purchased from the Ghost Ranch office.  Children under 13 years of age are charged considerably less on housing and meals, and there are no charges for children 3 years of age and under. The fee for campers does NOT include meals.

Ghost Ranch provides entrée selections at each meal for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores. Ghost Ranch cannot provide a gluten-free menu. A salad or breakfast bar with a variety of selections is available at each meal. Please noteYou must specify on the registration form a type of meal — vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore — and stick to your choice at every mealIf you require Gluten-Free, please contact the registrars for further information.

Campers must purchase meals separately. The prices for camper meals are ($Adult / $Child ages 4 – 12):

Breakfast – $10 / $5   (7:30-8:15 am)

Lunch – $12 / $6   (12:00-12:45 pm)

Dinner – $14 / $7  (5:30-6:15 pm)

Drinks only – purchase at Ghost Ranch office

Children 0 – 3 are free.


Friends with special dietary considerations (special foods, special supplements, allergies) can bring their own food with them.  There are several refrigerators available for multi-day storage, and there is ice for personal coolers at the Campground, Ghost Ranch office, and the kitchen, but there are limited facilities for preparing hot foods. Contact Susan Wiley, IMYM Kitchen Liaison, to make arrangements in advance.

The kitchen at Ghost Ranch cannot accommodate allergen-free areas. They will try to post ingredients lists at all meals.  However, experience has shown us that those with high sensitivity to foods or ingredients should bring their own food.  Because of our agreement with Ghost Ranch, we cannot discount room rates for those who choose to bring their own meals. The only exception to this policy is those who, for medical reasons, must eat a gluten-free diet.

Friends are asked to direct concerns about food only to Susan Wiley.  Susan is the only IMYM person authorized to discuss concerns with the kitchen staff.

Accessibility at Ghost Ranch

Children and adults of differing abilities and disabilities are welcome at Ghost Ranch.  Barriers are being continuously identified, and Ghost Ranch is much more accessible than in the past.  Wheelchair-accessible bedrooms and bathrooms, special diets (except gluten-free), and hearing equipment, as well as other facilities, are available.  While private automobiles may be used for non-walkers, requestable Golf Carts and drivers are preferred to transport people around.

Intermountain Yearly Meeting is committed to a gathering that is accessible and affordable for all who wish to come. The completely ADA accessible housing with a private bath is among the most expensive at Ghost Ranch. There are various options to reduce that cost. Please indicate what you require and the registrars will locate you appropriately. Do you need grab bars and shower chair? Raised toilet? Entry and living space without stairs? Space for a wheelchair or walker? Do you need to be located where golf cart transportation is easily provided? Do you need a private bath (or semi-private bath) because you need assistance with bathing or for medical reasons such as colostomy care? Other needs?

If for medical reasons, you require a private or semi-private bath as well as no stairs and room for a wheelchair or other device but find the regular private bath rate prohibitive, please note your need and the registrar will assign you an ADA accessible room at the Corral Block daily rate. If you can use a regular room but have devices that require electricity (CPAP or oxygen, for example) please bring an extension cord because outlets may not be convenient. If you are not familiar with the options at the Ranch, please contact the registrars to discuss your situation. If you require financial aid to attend, see the procedure noted elsewhere in the packet to apply.

Indicate your disability information on the Registration Form or describe your particular requirements in a note accompanying your registration.

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