New Mexico Spring Regional 2021

New Mexico Friends Regional Spring Gathering
April 23 – 25, 2021
Spirit, Nature, Connections:  Growing from the Time of Quarantine


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Registration is required because you will need to receive the Zoom links.
The New Mexico Regional Meeting will be offered by Zoom this year. Albuquerque Monthly Meeting will host the event and we encourage as many of you as possible to attend.

Friday evening Program
: We will start at 6 pm with inter-generational introductions and a game or two. Feel free to have all or part of (potluck) dinner during the first hour. After a short break, at 7 pm we will read the State of the Meeting Reports. We ask that each Meeting choose a reader for their report. We will close with a short worship time after the readings.


Saturday morning 9 – 10:30 am. We will spend time with guest Friends Mica Estrada and Carl Maguder, of Strawberry Creek Meeting in Berkeley, CA sharing their ministry on our theme.

10:30 – 11:30 – Nature Break with some direction from Carl and Mica

11:30 – 12:30 – Sharing of questions and thoughts on the morning’s presentation.

1:30 – 2:45 pm
 – The Albuquerque Contemplative Reading group will share a short experience of its practice – as we read together, out loud, out of the silence – a poem by Joy Harjo, the first native woman poet laureate from her book Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings. We will listen for what rises up within us in response to the text from our own experience and our day’s theme.

4 – 5 pm – Worship Sharing, reflecting on our connections with nature.

Option #1:  Zoom breakout rooms. Friends will choose a comfortable spot in nature—or with a view of nature–at home and join a Zoom breakout room.

Option #2:  Go to a favorite nature site—away from wifi.  Some Friends may choose this if they have the technology.  We realized how for so many of us, such a site is near a life-giving river, but any site with cell phone coverage should work. Participants would use a smart phone, signing up in advance to join a group based on a specific app. It should work for groups of 4 – 5 on FaceTime (for iPhone people), on What’s App and on Facebook Messenger. (there are online instructions for each app on group video calls.) When you register – please indicate if you would like to try this and show which apps you can use, so we can form groups in advance. We will ask each group to hold a practice session from home during the lunch hour, with the hope that the worship sharing time won’t be taken up by technical difficulties.

Sunday morning 9 – 10 am As it was for many, 2020 was a challenging year for the American Friends Service Committee NM Program. Sayrah Namaste and Patrick Jaramillo will share the story of the year with us, and their plans for the coming year.  Farm to Food Bank was created in response to the pandemic to keep farmers and traditional people of the land working with some income, and helping feed the many New Mexicans who suddenly had to rely on food pantries. They continued their Healthy Food Campaigns despite at home schooling thanks to volunteers from Abq Monthly Meeting. The pandemic created new ways to address inequities that could be continued after the pandemic if there is systems change.

10:30 – 11:30 am
 Meeting for Worship. During worship on Sunday, children are especially invited to join Albuquerque’s children for a program on the theme, offered by our Children’s Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Freyman.  Participants need to register by April 7 to receive their activity box in time.
2 – 3:30 pm Meeting for Worship for Business. Clerk Nan Uhl will be sending the agenda.
Word Version
PDF Version
Registration is required because you will need to receive the Zoom links.
We continue with our custom of Pay as Led. Costs for this Regional are low due to no rental or food expense. We will be providing honorarium for our speakers and have expenses for the children’s activity boxes for materials and postage. NM Regional has a healthy budget right now and can cover these expenses. Your contributions are welcome if you can help out.


About our guest Friends: 
Carl describes himself as an EarthQuaker, who finds “That of God in all Creation.”  He led Bible study at Friends General Conference  last year on Trickster Jesus and works as a hospice chaplain.
Mica said of her workshop at Ben Lomond last year:  we “will give space and time to shifting our paradigm from trying to solve a problem to listening to a wise earth… Nature allows diversity to flourish and find its way to equity, inclusion and letting go.” She is also a research professor who studies diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM.


Call to All Friends in the New Mexico Region

Come together on April 23-25 for New Mexico Spring Regional

Spirit, Nature, Connections:  Growing from the Time of Quarantine

The New Mexico Regional Meeting will be offered by Zoom this year. Albuquerque Monthly Meeting will host the event and we encourage as many of you as possible to attend. 

We look forward to an inter-generational evening on Friday, April 23. State of the Meeting Reports will also be given on Friday evening. 

On Saturday morning, we will spend time with guest Friends Mica Estrada and Carl Maguder, of Strawberry Creek Meeting in Berkeley, CA sharing their ministry on our theme.

The Saturday afternoon offerings will be a contemplative reading session and worship sharing hosted by Albuquerque.

On Sunday morning American Friends Service Committee NM will give an update of the work they have been involved in this past year.  Then we will gather in Meeting for Worship.

During worship on Sunday, children are invited to join Albuquerque’s children for a program on the theme, offered by our Children’s Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Freyman.  Participants will receive an activity box in advance.

Meeting for Worship for Business will begin at 2:00. 

Registration is required so please watch for information to follow.  Detailed schedule information will come with registration materials.

About our guests:  

Carl describes himself as an EarthQuaker, who finds “That of God in all Creation.”  He led Bible study at Friends General Conference  last year on Trickster Jesus  and works as a hospice chaplain.  

Mica said of her workshop at Ben Lomond last year:  we “will give space and time to shifting our paradigm from trying to solve a problem to listening to a wise earth.” She is also a researcher professor who studies diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM. 

We look forward to our time together.

Albuquerque Meeting Planning Team:
Sara Keeney
Connie Green
Rob Pierson
Nancy Rice
Chadron Kidwell
Nan Uhl, Clerk of NM Regional

NMRM 2020 Spring Gathering

April 17-18, 2020 via zoom


2020 NMRM Schedule Final

2020 NMRM Business Meeting Agenda

State of the Meeting Reports 2019

April 2019 Business Meeting Minutes (approved)

Treasurer’s Report

Nominating Committee Report

Representatives Committee Report

Peace & Social Concerns Committee Report

2020-04 AFSC Report to NMRM

2020-04 FCNL 2019 Annual Mtg Report Crawford

2020-04 FCNL 2019 Annual Mtg Report Vaughan

2020-04 FWCC slides 2019-11 What_Is_FWCC?

NMRM 2020 Minutes (need approval)



Colorado Regional Fall 2020 Documents in Advance

CRM Business Meeting Agenda (Nov. 8, 9:45am)

CRM 2020 Registrar’s Report

CRM Nominating Committee Report

Budget Documents

CRM Treasurer’s Report Fall 2020

2020 Balance Sheet for Fall Gathering

Women’s Retreat Actuals


Please fill out the Evaluation Form to help us make future gatherings even better.

Documents from Spring/Summer 2020

State of the Meeting Reports

2020-Quaker-Organizations-Reports (June 19)

2020 FWCC Report (Friends World Committee for Consultation)

2020 FPT Report (Friends Peace Teams)



A message from the IMYM Presiding Co-Clerks

From the IMYM co-clerks,

We are heartbroken by the recent murders, terror and injuries visited on men and women of color. We grieve when we see or hear of miscarriages of justice. What affects any of us, affects each of us. We cannot remain silent, or believe that words alone will create change; that is the path to complacency and complicity.

Together with those who have lost friends, loved ones, and acquaintances, we lift up these names and people:

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, Robert Fuller, Breona Taylor, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, missing and murdered indigenous women, immigrants, and too many others who have been victims of systemic racism.

We pray that our hearts will be broken open, helping us to take actions that will help change the face of the legal system, policing, and the way each of us treats every other.

Friend, deal plainly with yourselves, and let the eternal light search you, and try you, for the good of your souls; for this will deal plainly with you; it will rip you up, lay you open, and make all manifest that lodgeth in you; the secret subtlety of the enemy of your souls, this searcher and tryer will make manifest.

~~ Margaret Fell 1614-1702

As Friends, we often focus on silence…not as a means of abdicating responsibility, taking no action, but as a way to listen carefully to that still small voice. Often, we find that voice urges us to take action, and to create change where it is needed. There is no one right way to take action. We must each do what we can from where we are. Change making may take many shapes.

We ask, in preparation for our virtual annual sessions, that Friends take some time for serious reflection. Now is a time when we must come together to determine what actions each of us can take, individually, within our monthly meetings, as a yearly meeting, and as the larger Society of Friends. We also ask Friends to consider what actions we can take that are in keeping with the needs of communities of color, rather than simply speaking words or taking action to make us feel good. We are all weary and grief stricken these days. While our responses to the pandemic must be acknowledged and taken into account, it is our hope that is not used as an excuse to neglect the needs of those communities.

Quakers have historically spoken truth to power, and this is a time when that is absolutely necessary. However, it is not enough…mere words cannot take the place of cooperative action that is focused and ongoing, even after “all this dies down”.

We must remain grounded in our Quaker faith and worship, seeking to hear the still, small voice within, while acting in the world. We query ourselves: How do we embrace our change-making power, while remaining grounded in our faith? What action can we take, staying aware that our focus for action must be the stated needs and desires of those with whom we seek to build alliances?

We look forward to discussion of some of these questions in the coming week, and beyond, and finding new ways to take action to create the world that we seek.

Holding each of us in the Light,

Gale Toko-Ross Valerie Ireland
she/her/hers she/her/hers
IMYM co-clerk IMYM co-clerk

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Worship Sharing Information 2020

If you did not receive an email with your worship sharing group or room number, please look your name up on this list, which is sorted by last name: Worship Sharing Groups 

We are looking forward to sharing worship with you over the next several days.

As you can imagine, making this happen in our “virtual” setting presents some unique challenges. But we want people to be able to stay with the same worship group all four days. So please read on to learn how to help make the process go as smoothly as we can.

Please make note of your room and group number on this list.

The links for worship sharing are in an email you should have received yesterday with the subject line “IMYM – Welcome and Day One Links.” If you do not see it, please check your spam and promo folders. If you still don’t see it, send an email to

Please plan to arrive about 10 minutes before 9AM (8AM for our AZ/CA Friends) so that we can get you sorted into your group.

If you can, please sign into Zoom using the same email address that you are receiving this email with. That will help us do a little automated sorting. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it! 

Once you are in the zoom room, please edit your name temporarily to your Group Letter plus your first and last name. [example: D George Fox]. This will greatly speed up the process of the zoom host putting you in the right group. Here’s instructions for how to do that. If you can’t make it work, have your group letter ready if they need it. (they will also have a list of all the people and groups).

Please be patient with our hosts as they sort everyone into multiple breakout rooms.

Below is some additional information about worship sharing, as well as some queries. Our worship sharing coordinator has asked someone from each group to act as leader, but if you find that your group does not have one, please choose one.

Worship Sharing Queries for IMYM 2020

Notes on Worship Sharing 2020

If you have questions, reach out to the Worship Sharing coordinator, Kay Bordwell:



Sweet Home Monteverde Details

We will have a “live” viewing starting at 7pm Saturday, followed by a Q&A at 8pm with the filmmakers, Robin Truesdale and Bill Adler.




For more background, read this article by Laura Melvin:

100 Years of Quiet Tenacity

Possible Q&A topics:

  • Under what circumstances could you imagine leaving home for another country?
  • What cultural and economic forces pushed the Quakers out of the US and what pulled them to Costa Rica?
  • Do you think the Quakers would have been more effective advocates for peace if they had stayed in the US, or did they do the right thing in moving to Costa Rica?
  • Once they settled in Monteverde, how did the Quakers’ attitudes about land use change over time?
  • In what ways has Monteverde changed since the Quakers arrived in 1951? 
  • More than 200,000 tourists visit Monteverde every year. What are the benefits to the community, and what are the costs?
  • What values have the Quakers passed on to succeeding generations in Monteverde?
  • What threats does Monteverde face today? And how are residents there confronting those threats?

Virtual Event Presenter checklist

Host and co-hosts, please discuss these questions with presenter, then fill out the IMYM-Session-Info-for-Participants to share with participants in opening moments of the session.

Will you have a powerpoint, video or other visuals to share on screen or as a file to download? Are you comfortable sharing your screen, or would you like the host or co-host to share it on their screen? 

Do you want to have participants muted while you are giving the presentation?

Do you want attenders to be able to send chat messages to each other (default is yes)?

Do you want to do break-out groups? If so, how many people in each group?

Do you want to use the “poll” feature for voting and getting feedback?

Do you want to “lock the doors” at a certain time? (5-10 minutes in, stop anyone new from joining the meeting)

If it’s a 90 minute session, when will a 5 minute break happen?

Friends in the Arts Storytelling



Dear Friends,

These pages are examples of exercises I use in my acting classes and are by no means required for anyone to take part in the “3 Minute Tales”

interest group.  I just think they are lots of fun to play around with and share.

Words for Emotional Fluency are worth looking over especially if one is preparing to tell a story or be generally emotionally eloquent.  They offer a way to enrich our vocabulary when speaking about feelings.  You may have words of your own to add to these lists.

Riddles and Tongue-twisters are fun ways to play with language and imagination.  If you want to check to see if you have guessed the correct answer to a riddle, you may email me at I will  respond ‘yes’ or provide a hint if ‘no’.  Use your wits to figure them out.  Try them out on others too.  Googling is cheating.

Why Storytelling? 

After humans get their basic food and shelter needs satisfied, one of the very next big needs is  “to be heard”.  People need to tell and to listen to stories because they carry not only our personal histories but are bearers of our culture as well.  They are lightweight, take up no space and can hold the whole world of joy, sorrow and excitement.  My goodness…….. there is a riddle right there!

What is weightless and takes up no space

Yet holds the whole world

Of joy, sorrow and excitement?

Come hear stories from our lives and maybe tell one of your own.

Lightly,   Caroline

Meditative Music for IMYM 2020

An Hour of Meditative Music for the Mind and the Soul

An hour of meditative music on cello and harp is offered here this week in an audio recording format. Carolyn Kuban, harpist, and George Banks, cellist, both from Boulder Friends Meeting, are the creators and the performers, They have been playing and performing such improvisatory music duos as this for many decades including for programs at IMYM several times.

This new offering was created along side the reality of the harsh health challenges and social disruptions thrust upon us recently. With this in mind, the music offers an opportunity to release tensions by opening the ears and finding space in the mind and soul as you listen. As a forewarning, the music cannot be considered hum-able, nor is it even familiar for the most part. Instead, Carolyn describes the music as  “exploratory of elements of line and harmony that evolve as the sound travels ever onward, taking the listener along with it”.

We hope you find some time to close your eyes, rest on the floor or a comfortable place, turn on the music and be at peace…..

Introductory remarks starts at 00:00

  1. Fantasia on Shalom Chaverim

Starts 01:55

  1. Quietude for Harp

Starts 12:47

  1. Spangles a’Shimmer

Starts 22:23

  1. Wandering the Aimless Road

Starts 37:52

Download the MP3 File Here.

Play the Music Below