Current Appointments to Committees

The officers are the Clerks of Yearly Meeting and Representatives Committee, Recording Clerk of Yearly Meeting, Registrar, Treasurer, and Clerk of Finance Committee.

Clerk of the Yearly Meeting(Presiding Clerk) (see 1)
Recording Clerk of Yearly Meeting (see 2)
Clerk of Representatives Committee(see 3)
Registrars (see 4)
Treasurer (see 5)
Clerk of Finance Committee (see 6)

2018-2019 IMYM Clerks & Representatives (as of July 1, 2018)

1. Presiding Clerk:
Molly Wingate (Colorado Springs) Rise 2016-2019

2. Recording Clerk of Yearly Meeting:
Gail Hoffman (Mountain View) 2017-2020

5. Treasurer:
Jerry Peterson (Mountain View) January/2017-2020

Doris & Roger Tyldesley (Tempe) Rise 2016-2019

Ministry & Counsel Committee Clerk:
Nan Uhl (Durango) 2019

Gale Toko-Ross (Boulder)

Senior Young Friends Ministry & Council Members:
Kai Feitler (Boulder) 2018-2020
Rafael Grenier (Pima) 2018-2020

3. Representatives Committee:
Clerk:  Penny Thron-Weber (Mountain View) Rise 2016-2019
Recording Clerk:  Sarah Tie (Mountain View) 2015-2018 & 2018-2021

Regional Representatives to Representatives Committee:
AHYM: Jaimie (Leopold) Mudd (Pima) 4/2016-4/2019
CRM: Kathy Snow (Boulder) 4/2017-4/2020
NMRM: Jan-Willem Janssens (Santa Fe) Rise 2017-2020             
Utah Friends: William Viavant (Salt Lake City) 2017-2018

FCNL:  Bill Hobson (Arizona Half Yearly Meeting): 2018-2021
FGC: Deanne Butterfield, Boulder: 10/2017-9/2020
FWCC:  Rob Pierson, (NMRM) 1/1/2018-1/3/2020
FWCC Alternate: Cheryl Spier-Phillips, (NMRM) 1/1/2018-1/3/2020
FWCC: Barb Stephens (CRM) 6/2017-1/3/2021
FWCC:  Bill Soder-Eri  (AHYM),   6/20/17-1/3/2021

Arrangements Committee:
Clerk:   Laura Peterson (Mountain View)  2018-2021
Recording Clerk: Peggy Livingston (Boulder) 2018       
The following committees/groups are part of the Arrangements Committee
a. Facilities Working Group:
Clerk:  =
Liaison: Janie Cravens (10/2016-Rise 2019)
b. Coordinator(s) of Operations:
Leslie Stephens (Boulder), 2019-2020          

c. Ombudsman for Persons of Differing Abilities:
Rosemary Blanchard (Albuquerque) Rise 2018-2020 
d. Kitchen Liaison:  
Susan Wiley (Albuquerque) 2015-2018 & 2018-2021
e. 4. Registrars:
Marc Gacy (Boulder) Rise 2017-2020
Dido Clark (Boulder) Rise 2017-2020
f. Bookstore Coordinator:
David Nachman (Tempe) 2018-2019
g. Volunteer Coordinator:
Susan Dahl (Durango) Rise 2017-2019
a. Youth Working Group:
Eric Swanson & Cindy Yurth (Durango) 2017-2020
b. CYM Coordinators: Rise 2018-2019  
Lead Coordinators: Julie Fair from Fort Collins and Joseph Linton from Boulder
Assistant Coordinators: 
c. JYF Coordinators: Arizona Half Yearly Meeting: Rise 2018-2020
Lisa Grenier (Pima) 2018-2020  Assistant 2018, Lead Coordinator 2019-2020
Gretchen Reinhardt (Tempe) Assistant Coordinator 2018-2020  
Dave Wells (Tempe) Assistant Coordinator 2018-2020c.
d. JYF Co-Clerks: (vacant)
 e. JYF Recording Clerk: (vacant)

JYF Regional Representatives

f. SYF Co-Clerks:
Will Reddig (Flagstaff) 2018-2019
Thandiwe Seagraves (Santa Fe) 2018-2019

SYF  Recording Clerk:
Elliotte Enochs (Mountain View) 2018-2020

g. SYF Friendly Adult Prensences (FAPs) (Coordinators)
David Wampler (Pima) 2016-2019
Carlos Valentin (Pima) 2017-2020
Brenda Chung (Logan) Rise of 2018-2021

h. SYF Regional Representatives


a. Program Working Group Clerks:
DeAnne Butterfield (Boulder) 2017-2020
John Huyler (Boulder) 2017-2020

b. Youth Working Group:
Eric Swanson & Cindy Yurth (Durango) 2017-2020

c. Interest Groups/ Seminars Coordinator:
Nancy Dolphin (Durango & Tempe) 2017- Rise 2019

d. Worship Sharing Coordinator:
Kay Bordwell (Flagstaff) Rise 2018-2021

e. Regional Meeting Representatives





SYF Representatives to Representatives Committee

Utah: Kien Essey (Redmond) 2018-2019
Arizona: Rafaiel Grenier (Pima)  2018-2019
Colorado: Nicola Gacy (Boulder) 2018-2019
New Mexico: Theodore Bloyd (Santa Fe) 2018-2019

Program Working Group (SYF):
Thandiwe Seagraves (Santa Fe)                                           

Will Reddig (Flagstaff) alt

SYF Representative to Program to Program Working Group:
William Viavant (Salt Lake City) 2017-2019

SYF Representatives to Arrangements Committee:

Ryan Enochs (Mountain View) 2018-2019
Rafael Grenier (Pima) 2018-2019
Dario Puente-Reinhardt (Tempe) 2018-2019
William Viavant (Salt Lake City) 2018-2019 (Alternate)

SYF Representative to Assignments Committee
Elliotte Enochs (Mountain View) 2018-2020

SYF Representative to Watching Committee
Dario Puente-Reinhardt (Tempe) 2018-2020

YAF Representative to Program Working Group (?)

6. Finance Committee:
Clerk:   Vance Marshall (Phoenix) Rise 2017-2020
Members:     Christopher Viavant (Utah) 2016-2019        
Sara Keeney (NMRM) 2018-2021

Jerry Peterson (Mt. View) 2017-2020

Directory Assistant:
Ed Kearns (Tempe) 2016-2019

Peace and Service Committee:  
Jamie Newton (Gila) 2013-2016, 2016-2019

Watching Committee:
Clerk:  Peter Anderson (Durango) 2014-15, 2017-2018, 2018-2021
SYF Reps to Watching Committee: ?

Procedures Committee:
Clerk:  Cynthia Smith (Moab) 2016-2018, 2018-2021

Faith and Practice Committee:
Clerk: Gretchen Reinhardt (Tempe) 10/17-2020
AHYM: Steve Finger (Flagstaff MM) – 2017-2020
Jaimie Mudd (Pima MM) – (At Large) 2017-2020
NMRM: Gail Taylor (Albuquerque) 2017-2020
CRM: Dave Ireland (Boulder) 2017-2020
Utah Friends: Vacant

Committee on Sufferings:
Clerk: Bill Durland (Mt. View) 2017-2018

Web Team:
Clerk:  Polly Washburn (Mountain View) 2016-2019
Communication Assistants:
John Crowther (Mountain View) 2016-2019
Laura Peterson (Mountain View) 2016-2019

Nominating Committee:
Clerk: Gale Toko-Ross (Boulder) Rise 2018-2020  
Members: Sarah Callbeck (Colorado Springs)

Nancy Dolphin (Durango)
David Nachman (Tempe)    
Cheryl Speir-Phillips (Gila)  
Nancy Rice (Albuquerque)
Allen Winchester (Santa Fe)
Charlene Weir (Salt Lake City)
Risa Wolff (Mountain View) 6/17-2018

The Nominating Committee is responsible for maintaining an ongoing, current record of all appointees serving the Yearly Meeting, including the representatives named by Regional and Monthly Meetings, along with terms and contact information.

You can read more about “Who makes appointments for yearly Meeting service?

Please contact Gale Toko-Ross, the Clerk of the Nominating Committee, if you need contact information for certain of these appointees, or if you have corrections or questions.

Delegates Committee:
Clerk: Sara Keeney (Albuquerque) 2016-2019

Delegates to Friends Peace Team:
Ana Ebi (Logan) Rise 2016-2019        Resigned 5/2018  
Tom Martin (Flagstaff) 2017-2020

Delegates to Friends General Conference:
David Wampler (Pima) 10/2016-9/2019
David Nachman (Tempe), 10/2014-9/2020
De Anne Butterfield (Boulder) 10/2017-9/2020

Delegates to Western Friend Board:
Charlene Weir (Salt Lake City) 6/15/2015-9/30/2017; 10-2017-10-2020
Frederick Koster (Albuquerque) 2/2017-2020
Kelsey Kennedy (Boulder) 10/1/2016-9/30/2019
Sara Tarver-Wahlquist (Pima Meeting) 2018-2021

Delegates to FWCC:
Robert Pierson (NMYM) 1/2015-1/2018, 1/1/2018-1/3/2021
Cheryl Speir-Phillips (NMYM), 1/2014-1/1/2018; 1/1/2018-1/3/2021-IMYM (alt)    
Barbara Stephans (CRM) 6/2017-6/2020
Vacant AHYM
Vacant (Utah Friends)

Delegates to Friends Committee on National Legislation
Andrew Miller (AHYM)11/2016-10/2019
Connie Crawford (NMRM) 4/2015-10/2021
Tom Vaughan (NMRM) 10/2015-10/2018; 10/2018-10/2021
Martha Larson (CRM) 10/2017-10/2020
Damon Motz-Storey (CRM) 10/2016-10/2020
Utah Friends (Vacant)

American Friends Service Committee
Anna Darrah (NMRM), 10/2014-10/2017 & 10/2017-10/2019
Steve Thomas (CRM) 6/2015-6/2017
Jane Kroesen (AHYM) 10/2013-10/17
Vacant (Utah Friends)