Current Appointments

Please consider volunteering for service on a committee or as an officer of IMYM. Our officers include: the Clerks of Yearly Meeting and Representatives Committee, Recording Clerk of Yearly Meeting, Registrars, Treasurer, and Clerk of Finance Committee.

Updated June 23, 2020

Position Name Affiliation Term ends

IMYM Officers

Presiding co-Clerks Valerie Ireland Boulder Rise 2022
Gale Toko-Ross Boulder Rise 2022
Recording Clerk David Nachman Tempe Rise 2021
Treasurer Jerry Peterson Mountain View 12/31/22

(Fiscal EOY)

Web Team

Web Clerk Brent Ridley Mountain View Rise 2023
Communication Assistants Laura Peterson Mountain View Rise 2022
Historian/Archivist Open
Directory Assistant Open
Ministry & Counsel Clerk (selected by M&C Committee)
Senior Young Friends M&C Members Camila Espinosa-Short Mountain View Rise 2021
Rafael Grenier Pima Rise 2020

Representatives Committee

Clerk Lisa Motz-Storey Mountain View Rise 2022
Recording Clerk Sara Keeney Albuquerque Rise 2021
AHYM Representative Kay Bordwell 12/31/22
CRM Representative Kathy Snow Boulder 4/2020
NMRM Representative Jan-Willem Jansens Santa Fe 2020
Utah Representative Open
AHYM SYF Representative Open
CRM SYF Representative Open
NMRM SYF Representative Open

Arrangements Committee

Clerk Laura Peterson Mountain View Rise 2021
Recording Clerk Open

Facilities Working Group

Facilities Liaison Janie Cravens Rise 2022

Open – shadows to serve 2020-2022

Marc Gacy Boulder Rise 2021
Dido Clark Boulder Rise 2021

Operations Coordinators

Clerks Leslie Stephens Boulder 2022
Jonathan McPhee Colorado Sprgs 2022
Volunteer Coordinator Susan Dahl Durango Rise 2021
Bookstore Coordinator Rebecca Cecil, with

Roni Burrows

Santa Fe


Rise 2022

Rise 2021

Ombudsman for Persons of Differing Abilities Rosemary Blanchard Albuquerque Rise 2021

Youth Working Group

co-Clerks Eric Swanson/
Cindy Yurth
Durango 2020
Emily Box Albuquerque 2023
Children’s Yearly Meeting
CYM Lead Coordinators Julie Fair Fort Collins 2020
Joseph Linton Boulder 2020
Junior Young Friends Arizona Half-yearly Meeting Rise 2020
JYF Lead Coordinator Lisa Grenier Pima 2020
JYF Assistant Coordinators Gretchen Reinhardt Tempe 2020
Dave Wells Tempe 2020
JYF Co-clerks Chosen by JYFs
JYF Recording Clerk Chosen by JYFs
SYF Regional Reps to Youth Working Group AHYM
SYF Friendly Adult Presence Carlos Valentín III Pima 2020
Brenda Chung Logan 2021
David Wolf Pima 2022
SYF Clerk/Recording Clerk Chosen by SYFs

Program Working Group

Co-clerks DeAnne Butterfield Boulder 2020
John Huyler Boulder 2021
Interest Group Coordinators Sarah Feitler Boulder 2022
Polly Feitler Boulder 2022
Worship Sharing Coordinator Kay Bordwell Flagstaff Rise 2021
SYF Reps to Program Working Group William Viavant Salt Lake City Rise 2020
YAF Rep to Program Working Group Travis Etling Durango Rise 2022

Finance Committee

Clerk Vance Marshall Phoenix Rise 2021
Committee Members Eric Wright CRM Rise 2022
Sara Keeney NMRM Rise 2021
Jerry Peterson Mountain View Rise 2022
SYF Representative Open

Delegates Committee

Clerk Sara Keeney Albuquerque 2022
American Friends Service Committee

Terms thru October

Anna Darrah NMRM 10/2020
Diane DiAngelo CRM 10/2023
David Wells AHYM
Friends Committee on National Legislation

Terms thru November

Bill Hobson AHYM Thru 11/21
Connie Crawford NMRM (El Paso) Thru 11/2022
Gretchen Reinhardt Tempe/at Large 2023
Martha Larson CRM (Boulder) Thru 11/2020
Damon Motz-Storey CRM (Mt View) Thru 11/2020
DeAnne Butterfield CRM (Boulder) 2023
Friends General Conference

Terms thru September

Regina Renee Ward 9/2023
DeAnne Butterfield Boulder 9/2020
David Nachman Tempe 9/2020
Friends Peace Teams Tom Martin Flagstaff 2020
Friends World Committee Cheryl Speir-Phillips NMRM 1/2020
Rob Pierson NMRM 1/2020
Barbara Stephens CRM 6/2023
Bill Schoder-Ehri AHYM 10/21
Quaker Earthcare Witness Richard Grossman Durango 2022
Bob Schroeder Tempe 2021
Western Friend Board Charlene Weir Salt Lake City 10/2020
Frederick Koster Albuquerque 2022
Nancy Hicks Marshall Phoenix Sept. 2023
Molly Wingate Colorado Springs Sept. 2023

Peace and Service Committee

Clerk David Hinkel NMRM SF Rise 2020
Brent Ridley  Mountain View  Rise 2021

Listening Committee

Clerk Peter Anderson Durango Rise 2020
SYF Representative Charlotte Whitney Boulder
CRM Judith Streit Mountain View
CRM                                                Anne Marie Pois           Mountain View          Rise 2024

Procedures Committee

Clerk Cynthia Smith Moab 2022

Faith & Practice Committee

Clerk OPEN
AHYM Gretchen Reinhardt Tempe 2020
CRM Carol Clinkenbeard Mountain View 2023
NMRM Ariel Dillon Socorro W.G. 2020
CRM Lisa Fay Lister Colorado Spgs 2023
CRM Linda Seger Colorado Spgs 2023
Committee on Sufferings (ad hoc, as needed)
Clerk Vickie Aldrich Las Cruces Ad hoc
Brent Ridley  Mountain View  Rise 2021

Nominating Committee (terms set by local meetings)

Clerk Nancy Rice
NMRM Nancy Rice Albuquerque Rise 2021
CRM John Huyler Boulder Rise 2023
CRM Molly Wingate Colo. Springs Rise 2022
NMRM Durango
NMRM El Paso
AHYM Pam Garcia Flagstaff 12/1/21
CRM Fort Collins
NMRM Las Cruces
Utah Logan
Utah Moab
CRM Geoff Tischbein Montrose 2023
CRM Risa Wolff Mountain View Rise 2020
AHYM Phoenix
NMRM Quaker House Santa Fe
Utah Salt Lake City
NMRM Allen Winchester Santa Fe 2023
AHYM Becky Schroeder Tempe 2023

Ministry & Counsel

Barb Stephens CRM (Boulder) Rise 2022
Ted Bordwell AHYM (Flagstaff) Rise 2021
Tracy Davis NMRM (Durango) Rise 2022
Patrick Easterling Utah (Logan) Rise 2021
SYF Representatives Rafa Grenier Pima Rise 2021
Camila Espinosa-Short Mountain View Rise 2022