Daily Bulletin Thursday, June 17

Greetings, Friends, and welcome back!

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Today’s Schedule (all times MDT)

The Newspaper Interest Group requires a separate pre-registration, others are open to all.

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All Day Zoom Hangout Lobby
Meeting ID: 984 1219 7029
Passcode: 969133
8:00–9:00 AM Early Morning Worship
Meeting ID: 910 5715 8842
Passcode: 121933
9:00–10:00 AM Worship Sharing Groups
Meeting ID: 938 0119 8520
Passcode: 353647
10:00-10:30 AM Zoom Help Desk
Meeting ID: 917 4781 9871
Passcode: 582885
10:30–12:00 PM Reading a Newspaper as a Spiritual Experience
Meeting ID: 988 8380 9120
Passcode: 678540
12:30–2:00 PM Land Acknowledgment Session 1
Meeting ID: 984 1948 5573
Passcode: 472084 
2:00–2:30 PM Zoom Help Desk
Meeting ID: 984 1219 7029
Passcode: 969133
2:30–4:00 PM Expressing Quaker Values through Art and Writing
Meeting ID: 910 8740 4949
Passcode: 588977
Climate Action: What Will it Take?
Meeting ID: 997 6939 6755
Passcode: 676882 
4:00–4:45 PM Memorial Minutes
Meeting ID: 964 5090 2400
Passcode: 338844
4:30–5:30 PM Friends of Bill
Meeting ID: 943 1381 0055
Passcode: 477197 
5:00–6:00 PM Walk in the Light
Meeting ID: 929 9850 8118
Passcode: 605829
6:00–7:30 PM Keynote Address from José Santo Woss of FCNL
Race and Faith: A First-Gen Journey to Justice
Meeting ID: 974 9229 4164
Passcode: 139655

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Worship Sharing Information

If you need a worship sharing group number or have other questions, please join the Zoom session at 8:50 AM (MDT) – 10 minutes earlier than first scheduled.  
When you rename yourself in Zoom, please start with your assigned group number so that the Host can easily place you in the correct breakout room:

7 Mary Dyer, Newport MM, she/her/hers

If you end up in a group of 4 (or fewer) and would like to join a larger group, please notify the host to make that happen.
We will open the Chat so that you may share important information; please use it appropriately and avoid side chatter.
Thank you for your patience and let Kay Bordwell know if you have any other questions.

Zoom Hangout Lobby

We are setting up a virtual space for casual get-togethers, impromptu working discussions, worship opportunities, or other unstructured, unhosted conversation. Click here to enter the space.

Friends Drafting Israel-Palestine Minute

Friends in today’s interest group (on the mistreatment of the 500-700 Palestinian children in Israeli military detention each year) expressed interest in drafting a minute of concern for IMYM Meeting for Business later this week. If you would like to participate, please contact Anne Remley agr1@me.com.

Quaker Books!

You won’t be able to sit down and read, but you CAN browse through a great selection of books for all ages at the QuakerBooks of FGC online bookstore: serving individual Friends, Quaker meetings & organizations, those seeking a new spiritual path, and those who just love to read.

Paid Contract Position Serving IMYM

Successful candidate to fill three, two, or one position

(those duties not filled by volunteers)

The IMYM Representatives Committee has approved the creation and filling of a contract position to encompass the responsibilities of three positions for which the Nominating Committee did not find suitable volunteers. In the event that a volunteer is found for any of these positions, IMYM will adjust the scope of the contract work accordingly.
IMYM Historian/Archivist
Recording Clerk of Yearly Meeting
Recording Clerk of Representatives Committee
This position will go to an independent contractor paid on an IRS Form 1099. 

In consultation with the Representatives Committee Clerk, the Presiding co-Clerks will conduct a search, review applications, and award a contract. Pay will be commensurate with experience, subject to review by the Treasurer.

Interested Friends are asked to submit a letter of interest, names of references, and a summary of relevant experience to clerk@imym.org with the subject line: IMYM – newly created position
In addition to compensation, the IMYM will pay upon request the travel expenses deemed necessary for performance of the job duties (e.g. to Representatives Committee meeting and annual sessions). Documentation of incidental outlays for clerical supplies, communications, and other operating expenses should be submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement. Consult the Treasurer before incurring unusual expenses not specifically listed in “Who Pays IMYM Travel”. To read detailed descriptions of the three positions in IMYM’s Guide to Procedures and Positions, click the link.

Today’s “Walk in the Light” Theme: “I am not in a hurry.”

I am not in control.
I am not in a hurry.
I walk in faith and hope.
I greet everyone with peace.
I bring home only what God gives me.

Today’s second line cuts to the quick of Quaker practice. They don’t call it silent waiting worship for nothing. Spirit moves at Spirit’s pace. (But today we Zoom along.)

The Japanese theologian Kosuke Koyama wrote:

God walks ‘slowly’ because he is love. … Love has its speed. It is an inner speed. It is a spiritual speed. It is a different kind of speed from the technological speed to which we are accustomed. It is ‘slow’ yet it is lord over all other speeds since it is the speed of love. It goes on in the depth of our life, whether we notice it or not, whether we are currently hit by storm or not, at three miles an hour. It is the speed we walk and therefore it is the speed the love of God walks.

Three miles an hour is the pace of pilgrimage. It’s the speed of one foot in front of the other. It’s the speed at which one actually sees the rocks, hears the ravens, feels the breeze, tastes the dust, smells the sage. It is the speed of prayer and conversation and silence. Going the distance at three miles an hour makes our usual daily pace seem strange. 

Here are a couple suggestions for today’s exercise: We have a busy IMYM schedule. If you have time for a long slow walk, great! If not, remember to punctuate the day with open spaces where you just look and feel and listen. What comes to you? What do you notice at spirit’s speed? 

Finally, sometime, perhaps during IMYM, perhaps after it is over, unwind from Zoom-time by walking a labyrinth. There are many across our region, with many locations listed on-line: