Daily Bulletin – Wednesday, June 16th

Daily Bulletin

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Greetings, Friends, and welcome!

For answers to questions on virtual tools for our gathering, start by clicking here. If you need more help with Zoom, email our Help Desk or phone (970) 290-7800.

Today’s Schedule (all times MDT)

These Interest Groups do not require a pre-registration, so feel free to join.

8:00–9:00 AM Morning Worship
9:00–10:00 AM Worship Sharing
10:00-10:30 AM Zoom Help Desk
10:30–12:00 PM Creating a Quaker First-day Nursery
12:30–2:00 PM Getting past Other: Exploring your Heritage through WikiTree
2:00-2:30 PM Zoom Help Desk
2:30–4:00 PM Exploring Israeli Abuse of Palestinian Children
4:00–4:30 PM Memorial Minutes
4:30–5:30 PM Friends of Bill
5:00–6:00 PM Walk in the Light
6:00–7:30 PM Welcome Event


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Quaker Books!

You won’t be able to sit down and read, but you CAN browse through a great selection of books for all ages at QuakerBooks of FGC online bookstore. Serving individual Friends, Quaker meetings & organizations, those seeking a new spiritual path and those who just love to read.

Quaker Mart!

There were no signups for the 2021 IMYM Quaker Mart, BUT … If you’d like to support the work of Quaker Crafters, consider visiting the online QMart organized by Friends General Conference. There you’ll find Books, Bead Art, Cards & Photography, Fiber Arts & Textiles, Handcrafts, Jewelry, and Personal Care Products – all crafted by Quakers, and including a special section featuring BIPOC Quakes.

Mountain Friends Camp

MFC will return to Collins Lake Ranch, July 2021! We still need a camp medic, please help spread the word or consider joining us! See our report on the IMYM website, and contact camp director Ana Ebi by email or phone (435) 554-1132.

Young Friends Contacts

Junior Young Friends: jyfrecordingclerk@gmail.comjyfclerk1@gmail.com, and jyfclerk2@gmail.com.

Senior Young Friends: syfrecordingclerk@gmail.com, syfclerk1@gmail.com, and syfclerk2@gmail.com.

Today’s “Walk in the Light” Theme: “I am not in control.”

I am not in control.

I am not in a hurry. 

I walk in faith and hope.

I greet everyone I meet with peace.

I bring home only what God gives me.

The five lines above are from “The Pilgrim’s Credo” by Father Murray Bodo. I know! We don’t do credos! But as Friend Geoffrey Durham says in The Spirit of the Quakers, instead of creeds, “what Quakers offer is a journey: a voyage of spiritual discovery undertaken with friends.” In that spirit, what Father Bodo offers is a lovely roadmap.

For the next five days, we will encourage a ‘pilgrimage in place’ as part of our IMYM gathering. Coming to IMYM, even by Zoom, is a pilgrimage – a journey of sacred intent to a space and time made holy by the intention of those who gather “here”– including you, your spiritual ancestors, the Children of Light still waiting to join us, and the Spirit that gathers us all. We’ll also be encouraging a bit of physical pilgrimage, a time to get up and away from our screens and “Walk in the Light, wherever you may be.”

Each day’s theme is one line from Father Bodo. “I am not in control,” is a fine place to start our journey together. In a culture obsessed with self, control, and self-control… isn’t this the ultimate statement of faith?

Today’s practice, should you choose to accept it, is to go for a walk.* Picture yourself as a pilgrim on your way to IMYM, this sacred space, ready to let go of some control and many of your daily distractions. What are your intentions? As you walk, try saying Father Bodo’s five lines aloud. What does it mean to say: “I am not in control?”

*    By “walk,” we mean move with intent as we are each differently abled. The point is getting away from the screen, setting aside this moment to move deliberately into sacred space. See you there!


Zoom Links and Passcodes For Today’s Sessions


8:00 AM- 9:00 AM

Early Morning Worship Wed. June 16  


Meeting ID: 938 9739 4368

Passcode: 507256


9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Worship Sharing Wed. June 16


Meeting ID: 950 2648 3662

Passcode: 688892


10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Zoom Help Desk


Meeting ID: 949 5123 3010

Passcode: 793799



10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Creating a Quaker First-day Nursery


Meeting ID:   910 6026 0556

Passcode: 749931


12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Getting Past Other:Exploring your Heritage through WikiTree

Link: https://zoom.us/j/97856992332?pwd=RytVSmJIZ2d0dnY2MkdXa0Z0QVhMdz09

Meeting ID:   978 5699 2332

Passcode: 582719


2:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Zoom Help Desk


Meeting ID: 949 5123 3010

Passcode: 793799


2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Exploring Israeli Abuse of Palestinian Children

Link: https://zoom.us/j/95144658486?pwd=Y2Y5OURPQjFtU3Jzd2Mwd2ZyZnkzQT09

Meeting ID: 951 4465 8486

Passcode: 204319


4:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Memorial Minutes

Link: https://zoom.us/j/97803640851?pwd=UWVMSDV6YUI4Y3Ruc1hYdkxaY1VLZz09

Meeting ID:     978 0364 0851

Passcode: 655600


5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Friends of Bill 

Link: https://zoom.us/j/95708892536?pwd=amFlenNuc3JKcmdlRm5uUHU2S0ErZz09

Meeting ID: 957 0889 2536

Passcode: 584037


5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Walking in the Light Wed, June 16


Meeting ID: 961 6090 3809

Passcode: 277841


7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Welcome Event 

Link:  https://zoom.us/j/96749184429?pwd=UHhjam4zVkZidmRIdERnNjlLbXJEdz09

Meeting ID:  967 4918 4429

Passcode: 739858