Faith & Practice

The first edition of the IMYM Faith and Practice was released in June 2009. All Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups in IMYM have copies.  You can download this electronic version: Faith and Practice IMYM 2009, or you can order a print copy from Western Friend for $15 with $4 shipping.

February 24, 2019 — The Faith & Practice Committee has begun the process of updating and revising the original IMYM Faith & Practice. Thank you to the individuals and monthly meetings that reponded to the SURVEY we sent out last spring. We have collated your evaluations and recommendations into a 17-page document that will inform our work over the next few years.

Boulder MM kindly hosted a meeting of our committee from Feb 10-13.  It was a very productive and spirit led four days.

Currently, we are looking for several more committee members. If you are interested in Quaker history and practice, enjoy writing, researching, editing and publishing and want to contribute to IMYM’s second edition of Faith & Practice, please contact Steve Finger, clerk at 928-607-5725 or Gale Toko-Ross, Nominations Committee Clerk at 303-859-1681.