Faith & Practice

The first edition of the IMYM Faith and Practice was released in June 2009. All Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups in IMYM have copies.  You can download this electronic version: Faith and Practice IMYM 2009, or you can order a print copy from Western Friend for $15 with $4 shipping.

Revisions Timeline

Between February and May of 2018, the Faith & Practice Committee asked Monthly Meetings to respond to a survey about what if any changes would support our Yearly Meeting.  That survey and all additional document submissions is summarized HERE (17 pages).  The original survey (now closed) can be viewed HERE.

Look for a progress report and follow-up survey to be sent to Representative’s Committee then Monthly Meetings for response ahead of Yearly Meeting 2020.

The F&P Committee seeks Friends led to this service.  If you would like to learn more, contact your Monthly Meeting Representative to IMYM or the IMYM Nominating Committee.