Guide to Procedures (Position Descriptions)

The Guide to Procedures describes what IMYM Friends can expect from their officers and committees by providing a description of the duties of each of these positions. Please consider volunteering to serve on a committee or as an officer of IMYM.

In 2013 IMYM instituted a new structure for the main Committees of the Yearly Meeting, and the Guide is now organized around this new structure. Some of the procedures described in the Guide arose from minuted actions of the Yearly Meeting, while others developed over time as successful practices. To ask questions or make suggestions about the Guide, please e-mail Cynthia Smith (Moab MM), Clerk of the Procedures Committee.

A date in parentheses shows when the description was last edited. Descriptions labeled ‘Draft’ still need Procedures Committee approval.

The officers are the Clerks of Yearly Meeting and Representatives Committee, Recording Clerk of Yearly Meeting, Registrar, Treasurer, and Clerk of Finance Committee.

Clerk of the Yearly Meeting (03/14/20)
Recording Clerk of Yearly Meeting (08/18/17)
Clerk of Representative Committee (03/06/20)
Registrars (04/06/18)
Treasurer (04/26/18)
Clerk of Finance Committee (04/26/18)

Representatives Committee
Representatives Committee is a standing committee of the Yearly Meeting entrusted with the general care of the business of the yearly meeting between its annual sessions.

Representatives Committee (10/28/20)
Clerk of Representative Committees (12/20/17)
Recording Clerk, Representatives Committee (08/18/17)

Arrangements Committee
Arrangements Committee is a standing committee of the Yearly Meeting charged with planning and supervising the annual gathering. The work of the committee is being carried out by three Working Groups: Facilities, Youth, and Program – see below for more on each.

Arrangements Committee and Clerk descriptions (12/29/18)
Recording Clerk of Arrangements Committee (12/29/18)

Facilities Working Group
Facilities Working Group has the responsibility for the general physical oversight and planning of the Yearly Meeting annual session and includes its Clerk, Operations Coordinators, Ombudsman for Persons of Differing Abilities, Liaison for Facilities, Registrars, Bookstore Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator.

Facilities Working Group and Clerk (04/22/19)
Coordinator of Operations (03/19/14)
Ombudsman for Differing Abilities (03/20/14)
Liaison for Facilities (04/25/19)
Registrars (04/06/18)
Book Store Coordinator (02/14/19)
Volunteer Coordinator (03/07/18)

Youth Working Group
Youth Working Group will plan and implement programs for youth attending the annual gathering and includes its Clerk, Coordinator/s of Children’s Yearly Meeting, Clerk/s of Junior Young Friends, Coordinator/s for Junior Young Friends, Clerk/s of Senior Young Friends, Friendly Adult Presences (FAPs) for Senior Young Friends, and Young Adult Friends.

Youth Working Group and Clerk (05/16/19)
Children’s Yearly Meeting Coordinator (04/15/19)
Clerks of Junior Young Friends (04/22/19)
Coordinators for Junior Young Friends (04/12/19)
Clerks of Senior Young Friends (02/22/19)
Friendly Adult Presences (FAPs) for Senior Young Friends (01/12/19)
Young Adult Friends (04/11/19)

Program Working Group
Program Working Group has responsibility for programming both the adults and the youth activities during the annual gathering and includes its Clerk, Interest Group/Seminar Coordinator, and Worship Sharing Group Coordinator.

Program Working Group and Clerks (11/21/17)
Coordinator of Interest Groups and Seminars (04/06/18)
Worship Sharing Coordinator (03/22/18)

Delegates Committee
Delegates Committee is for the delegates to other Friends organizations and includes its Clerk and delegates appointed by the Yearly Meeting to such groups as AFSC, FCNL, FGC, FWCC, Quaker Earthcare Witness, Western Friend, and Friends Peace Teams.

Delegates Committee and Clerk (04/26/18)
American Friends Service Committee Delegates (03/22/18)
Friends Committee on National Legislation Delegates (03/15/18)
Friends World Committee on Consultation Delegates  (04/26/18)
Friends General Conference Delegates (03/30/18)
Corporation Board of Western Friend Delegates (04/26/18))
Delegate to Friends Peace Teams (03/15/18)

Other Committees
Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, Committee on Ministry and Counsel, Watching Committee, Committee on Faith and Practice, Procedures Committee, Committee for Sufferings, Peace and Service Committee, and Clerk’s Advisory Committee.

Finance Committee (04/18/18))
Nominating Committee (03/04/19)
Committee on Ministry and Counsel (02/21/19)
Watching Committee (03/08/10) [called Listening Committee since 2020]
Committee on Faith and Practice (04/21/10)
Committee on Procedures (03/13/19)
Committee For Suffering (12/29/18)
Peace and Social Concerns Committee (04/30/18)
Clerk’s Advisory Committee (01/19/17)

Other Appointments
Historian-Archivist, Host for Heberto Sein Memorial Visitor,Web Clerk, and Communications Assistant.

Historian/Archivist (03/15/16)
Heberto Sein Visitor Host (03/04/19)
Web Clerk (02/22/19)
Communications Assistant (02/22/19)

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