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Arrangements Committee (including the Facilities, Program, and Youth Working Groups)
Delegates Committee
Finance Committee
Nominating Committee
Committee on Ministry and Counsel
Watching Committee
Committee on Faith and Practice
Procedures Committee
Representatives Committee
Committee for Sufferings
Committee on Migrant and Border Concerns (Informal Status)
Peace and Service Committee

Who Makes Appointments, Clearness Process for IMYM Nominations, Nominating Committee.

Scholarships, Who Pays for Travel, Budgeting Calendar, Finance Committee, Financial Report Forms

The officers are the Clerks of Yearly Meeting and Representatives Committee, Recording Clerk of Yearly Meeting, Registrar, Treasurer and Clerk of Finance Committee.

Children’s Yearly Meeting
The Children’s Yearly Meeting program accepts children from infancy up through entering 5th-graders at the annual gathering.

Junior, Senior and Adult Young Friends
Current practice specifies that Junior Young Friends include those youth entering 6th through 9th grades, and Senior Young Friends include those entering 10th grade or older. Senior Young Friends assist Junior Young Friends in organizing their activities and selecting officers, and provide leadership to encourage growth of their sense of community and their understanding of Quaker business process. At least two Senior Young Friends are appointed to work directly with the Junior Young Friends in a support capacity. Young Adult Friends are typically aged in their 20s and 30s.

Coordinators and Other Appointments
Coordinators (Volunteer Coordinator, Interest Groups and Seminars, Worship Sharing, Operations, Bookstore Sales Support), Recording Clerk of Representatives Committee, Advocate for Persons of Differing Abilities and Kitchen Liaison, Historian-Archivist, Host for Heberto Sein Memorial Visitor, Communications Assistant, and Web Clerk .

Representatives to Other Friends Organizations
Representatives appointed by the Yearly Meeting to FGC, FWCC, AFSC, FCNL, Western Friend and Friends Peace Teams.

More information about Appointments:

Position Descriptions

IMYM Clerks, Representatives and Committee Members as of May 2017 (pdf document)

Who makes appointments for yearly Meeting service?