How to Register for IMYM 2018

Registration Dates

On-Line Registration is now open.

April 30 – DUE DATE for registrations.

How to Register

Use the online registration form. Payments will still be handled by check this year (no credit cards) — mail a check in with the payment form.

Every individual attending IMYM must register separately.

A separate registration is required for each person, even children. If you are registering online, you can add members to your group when you register.

Please download the  REQUIRED permission forms for Young Friends (CYM, JYF and SYF),
and the REQUIRED IMYM Insurance Waiver which must be signed by each attender.

On-line Registrations must be completed by April 30 or they will be considered late. After this date, preferred Ghost Ranch housing may not be available.  We request a $50 late fee per group.

Payment is due by May 7.  Only one payment needs to be sent for a group. The family/group name makes it possible to relate your payment to each related registration. Individual registrants can just use their last name.

Mail payment form and check to: Marc Gacy, 1247 Ilium Dr., Lafayette, CO 80026.  Your payment and registration will be acknowledged.

Click here for payment form

Lodging may not be available after April 30.

May 25: Final day to self-register for IMYM. After this deadline, the online registration link will be removed.

Lunch on the last Sunday of the Gathering. You have the option of choosing either a sack lunch (made up at breakfast time), or a hot lunch in the dining hall. Indicate your preference on your registration form.


There are sufficient sites to accommodate all campers, but many will have to share sites. You will be charged half the site price for each night you share a site. Because you may be asked to share a site after you arrive at Ghost Ranch, and because the number of families and individuals which will end up in a campsite is uncertain until the time of the gathering, we will  not collect any campsite fees until the week of the gathering.  Please bring cash or a checkbook, as IMYM cannot accept credit cards. Please pay your campground fees to the Registrar by Friday of yearly meeting. You will still need to pay your registration fees and any meal charges in advance. Click here for more on lodging.


The registration fees are NOT refundable. In the case of emergency cancellations, other fees will be refunded if requested, mailed after Yearly Meeting concludes.


IMYM is using the Pay-As-Led model for participants to pay for attending IMYM. In order to facilitate this, instead of a cost for housing being applied when room choices are made, applicants put the amount they are willing to pay for food and lodging each day. We have reproduced the lodging table to facilitate this process.

A family of two adults and one child wishes to stay in Corral Block. They have selected Corral Block as their choice of housing on the lodging page. They have decided they are able to pay approximately half of the complete cost, or $40 for adults and $20 for the child. They are coming in Wednesday night, so they put $100 ($40 + $40 + $20) in Wednesday Night, Thursday Night, Friday Night and Saturday Night.

Lodging, three meals a day
Room/Age/Meal Type
(cost shown is per night)
  Previous Scholarship recipients minimum, average2
Child 4-12
Complete Cost1
Child 4-12
Previous Scholarship recipients minimum, average2
under 4 
Rustic (includes SYF & FAP at Staff House)
(Communal Bath Mesa Level)

$79 $0, $47 $39 $0, $23  free
Communal Bath
(Main Ranch Level, aka Corral Block)
$102 $11, $60 $51 $6, $30  free
Semi-private Bath

$128 $0, $82 $64 $0, $41  free
Private Bath3

$146 $60, $95 $73 $30, $47  free
Campsites – Assumes two adults (Dining hall meals not included)
RV Site
$23 $0, $14 $3 $0, $1 free
Tent site, no electricity
$18 $0, $11 $3 $0, $1 free
Tent site, electricity
$20 $0, $12 $3 $0, $1 free

1 – The cost of a room with comparable amenities including three meals, adjusted to match IMYM’s cost to Ghost Ranch

2 – The Previous Scholarship Recipients column, indicates two values the minimum amount paid and the average amount paid, based on scholarships given from 2015 to 2017. The minimum amount indicates the minimum amount paid by all scholarship recipients for a given housing type, adjusted to 2018 costs. The average amount is the average (mean) amount paid by all scholarship recipients for a given housing type, adjusted to 2018 costs.

3 – Private Bath does not mean a private room.