Virtual Event Presenter checklist

Host and co-hosts, please discuss these questions with presenter, then fill out the IMYM-Session-Info-for-Participants to share with participants in opening moments of the session.

Will you have a powerpoint, video or other visuals to share on screen or as a file to download? Are you comfortable sharing your screen, or would you like the host or co-host to share it on their screen? 

Do you want to have participants muted while you are giving the presentation?

Do you want attenders to be able to send chat messages to each other (default is yes)?

Do you want to do break-out groups? If so, how many people in each group?

Do you want to use the “poll” feature for voting and getting feedback?

Do you want to “lock the doors” at a certain time? (5-10 minutes in, stop anyone new from joining the meeting)

If it’s a 90 minute session, when will a 5 minute break happen?