Representatives Committee

Representatives Committee Minutes, October 3, 2018

Representatives Committee call, August 29, 2018

Minutes from April 23 committee call

Documents referred to in that call:

Minute regarding gun violence forward from Arizona Half Yearly

Treasurer’s report 

Nominating Committee Report

Proposed By Laws for recommendation to IMYM – March 2018

FGC survey

Clerking at annual gathering
Thinking about move from GR to FL

Reports to the Committee for Feb 2018 Meeting:

Mountain Friends Camp – Report to IMYM Representatives Committee, Feb 2018

P&SC Report to Rep Comm, Feb 2018

2018 Clerk’s Report and Overview of the Fall Queries

Draft FY2018 MFC Budget Worksheet

Faith & Practice Rep Comm Report

Comments regarding articles of incorporation and by laws

2018 Feb Representatives committee agenda

A WITNESS TO THE PAST from Bill and Genie Durland a response to the By Laws

2-2-18 NomCom report to RepCom

Committee on Procedure Report for Reps Comm 01 24 18

Treasurer report to REP COM fye 9-30-17 (2018-01-27)

IMYM Bylaws v2-Dec 17

IMYM articles of incorporation 2018 01 03

Arrangements Committee Report to Representatives Committee

compiled responses fall 2017

Peace & Service Committee Action Minutes from the past several years