Some Contacts for the Yearly Meeting

Yearly Meeting Clerk                                          Molly Wingate
Representatives Committee Clerk          Penny Thron-Weber
Arrangements Committee Clerk               Pelican Lee
Treasurer  Jerry Peterson

9100 E. Eastman Ave,
Denver, CO 80231-4653

Finance Clerk Vance Marshall
Registrars Lisa Toko-Ross

Sarah Feitler

Nominating Committee Clerk Allen Winchester
Clerk, Youth Working Group Marc Gacy
co-Clerks, Program Working Group Paula Palmer

Pam Gilchrist

Clerk, Facilities Working Group Eric Wright
Web Clerk Polly Washburn
Communications Assistants John Crowther, Laura Peterson


To learn who else is serving a particular function for the Yearly Meeting, visit the Appointments page. Contact information is not listed there for privacy. To contact other officers, clerks and convenors, email Polly Washburn at pollycwashburn at gmail dot com.