Some Contacts for the Yearly Meeting

Yearly Meeting Clerk                                          Molly Wingate
Representatives Committee Clerk          Penny Thron-Weber
Arrangements Committee Clerk               Pelican Lee
Treasurer  Jerry Peterson

9100 E. Eastman Ave,
Denver, CO 80231-4653

Finance Clerk Vance Marshall
Registrars Lisa Toko-Ross

Sarah Feitler

Nominating Committee Clerk Allen Winchester
Clerk, Youth Working Group Marc Gacy
co-Clerks, Program Working Group Paula Palmer

Pam Gilchrist

Clerk, Facilities Working Group Eric Wright
Web Clerk Polly Washburn
Communications Assistants John Crowther, Laura Peterson


To learn who else is serving a particular function for the Yearly Meeting, visit the Appointments page. Contact information is not listed there for privacy. To contact other officers, clerks and convenors, email Polly Washburn.