Travel Reimbursement

IMYM expense reimbursement policy and procedure (2018-11-30):

IMYM, upon request, reimburses individuals for part of their travel expenses and reimburses individuals for certain other types of expenses.

Upon request, IMYM approved representatives to organizations: FCNL, FPT, FCNL, FWCC, Western Friend will be reimbursed for airfare and conference registration fees.  Airfare for representatives to both Arrangements Committee (typically in January) and Representative Committee (typically in February) is also reimbursed upon request.

If you drive, IMYM will reimburse to you, on request, the IRS nonprofit mileage rate which is $0.14 (2018) per mile driven in service of charitable organizations.

As is traditional for Friends, the expectation is that local Friends will provide hospitality for transportation, meals, and housing.

Submit the information on the form below either (1) by regular USPS mail with copies of invoices and receipts mail to:

Intermountain Yearly Meeting
c/o Jerry Peterson, Treasurer
2280 S. Columbine St.
Denver, CO 80210

OR (2) by email to:

In your email include the information on the form above, with either email or scanned copies of receipts in the form of a pdf or images.

IMYM Voucher for Expense Reimbursement

Name of person requesting expense reimbursement:

Full Address including city, state and zip code:

​​​​​​Email address:


Description (purpose) of the expense: