Virtual IMYM Zoom Volunteer How-To Guide

Thank you for volunteering! 

Here are the basic instructions – things may look different on your screen. Several of the settings here help us abide with what we promised the community when they registered. Please contact Polly if you have questions, especially if you were not able to make a training session.

Multiple Days Before the Session

Polly will send you a link to your session, the Host Key that you can use to claim the Host spot, and the emails of the host, co-host and presenter(s).

Please connect with your presenter(s) ahead of time to strategize for the session. Here is a checklist.

15 minutes before the session

We recommend host, co-host and presenter all join the room 10-15 minutes early. Use the Host Key that Polly sends you to claim the host spot.

Then host should assign their co-host and make the presenter a co-host so they can share their screen. Turn on waiting room until everything is as you planned: Mute all, block chat, etc according to what you decided.

Chat Features

Then “Admit all” from the waiting room. (This shows up at the top of the participant box).

When people arrive

Ask everyone to add their Meeting and pronouns (“like a name tag”)

Ask people who phone in for their name, and change their name on their icon.

If presenter wants to share their screen, make them a CO-host, rather than opening up screen sharing to all.

Briefly share a slide about how the session will go. (See this template).

Setting up breakout rooms

Unless this is a worship sharing session, you will almost always want to select “automatically” to let Zoom place people randomly in the number of rooms you select.

Breakout Settings

Then check your settings:

Breakout Room Settings

Note that people in a breakout room can only chat with folks in same room. If you need to reach people, you can send a “broadcast” message from the breakout room menu.

Other Notes

  • If you mute all, please keep “allow participants to unmute themselves” checked (unless it is a case of disruption, where muting everyone for a few minutes is the best way to handle the situation).

  • If your presenter asked to lock the room after 10 minutes, do that here:

Lock Meeting

Or here (bottom of Participant box):







As you can see, these menus are also where you can make sure that participants can unmute themselves, and turn on and off the waiting room.

  • If your session is 90 minutes, remind the host to take a 5-10 minute break!