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Archives Link – June 2018

Those looking for the old file system should try looking here, a repository created by the Archivist.

If you cannot find a file you are looking for, please contact the Archivist or Web Clerk.


Note from the Web Communications Team – October 2017

We appreciate your patience as we continue to organize the site to be of the most use.

Please note that in the spirit of Quaker simplicity, we are not planning to replicate the previous version of the site. The old site was built before the advent of Dropbox and Google Drive. We are suggesting that going forward, to share documents internally, committees make use of one of these two more modern, user-friendly and instantaneous technologies. We are more than happy to offer assistance and/or a tutorial in either if desired, and can provide archived documents to be added to your committee folders.

For information and documents to be shared beyond your committee, you can request an account to log in to create posts and upload files. These types of documents and announcements/information can continue to be sent to us for posting.

If there are documents or sections that you feel should be included on the site, that you do not see, please contact us to let us know, or to make other suggestions:

The Web Communications Team:

Polly Washburn (clerk),  Laura Peterson, or John Crowther