New Website


If you had login information at the previous version of the website, please note that as of July 2017 we transferred over to a new platform that does not require logging in to see most files on the site. If your committee needs login to make edits to a page, or would like a private page for your committee members, please contact the Web Clerk and we’ll get you set up.

File Archives
Those looking for the old file system should try looking here, a repository created by the Archivist.

If you cannot find a file you are looking for, or would  please contact the Archivist or Web Clerk.

If there are documents or sections that you feel should be included on the site, that you do not see, please contact us to let us know, or to make other suggestions.

The Web Communications Team:

Polly Washburn (clerk),  Laura Peterson, or John Crowther