What do we do at IMYM?

Ministry and Counsel

Ministry and Counsel is an IMYM committee that serves as spiritual support for clerks, the executive committee and others. It has responsibility for the care of the gathering, the care for individuals and their concerns about relationships, practices and events associated with the annual gathering and the Yearly Meeting. Confidentiality is honored and matters are approached with an open mind. We are available for consultation, as needed, in the good order of Friends. Please consult Faith and Practice for a more complete description.

Please consult the Adult Schedule when available to see when members of Ministry and Counsel will be available for listening to concerns.

Seminars and Interest Groups

Seminars take place Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (Early Days only). Interest Groups will occur on Thursday afternoon and Saturday afternoon during Regular Session. Most interest groups and seminars can be chosen during registration, although topics and times may change as late as the start of Yearly Meeting, if necessary.

Final topics, times and locations will be posted at Ghost Ranch. See Seminars, Interest Groups, and Early Days Arts for a list of the currently planned topics with details about each listing.

Early Days Arts Focus

IMYM Early Days Arts Focus will offer workshops, worship sharing, and open studios as a way of deepening our spirits through creativity. The arts are defined as widely as possible, including visual arts, music, writing and performing. Consider joining some of our sessions this week, even if you have no prior experience. They are free and open-hearted. Some do require that you sign up in advance; this can be done during Registration. Others may be available without advance sign-up.

In addition to the workshops, open studio time will provide a variety of media, including clay, and quiet space in the art building throughout IMYM when scheduled workshops are not in session. Topics and times will be posted at Ghost Ranch. All are held in the Arts Building.

Brief descriptions of the Early Days arts offerings can be found at Seminars, Interest Groups, and Early Days Arts.

Worship Sharing

Worship Sharing helps build our spiritual community, and is usually one of our most highly rated activities at IMYM. After hearing a query, up to 10 members gather and confidentially worship and share experiences. We try to mix ages, genders, and Monthly Meetings within the groups, so all get to know some new people in this intimate setting. Groups should NOT include members from the same family. Please mark your registration form to specify your preferred locations and types of worship sharing.

If you are an adult (and not scheduled for a concurrent volunteer activity), you will be scheduled for a Morning Worship Sharing group of 8 – 10 individuals. Please plan to attend and support the rest of the members of your group.

Our Senior Young Friends (SYFs) host Intergenerational Worship Sharing (IGWS) shortly after lunch. SYFs choose queries important to them, and are the group leaders. They are very eager for adult Friends to attend the groups, to encourage learning and sharing across the generations, and enough so that all SYF’s can experience leading or co-leading a group. If you cannot attend all 3 afternoon groups please aim for Thu and Fri afternoons at least. Junior Young Friends will participate on Saturday and will help fill some spaces that day. If you would like get to know some SYFs better and help build up this intergenerational community, please sign up for this opportunity.

For more information about worship sharing, please see the section beginning on page 39 in our IMYM Faith and Practice, available in a pdf document.


Our gathering is spirit led and volunteer powered. Volunteers run IMYM. Your help in any area is much appreciated and will enrich your experience. Please indicate on the registration form what you can do as a volunteer. If you have questions about what is required, contact the person listed or the Volunteer Coordinator.

A list of volunteer opportunities is available at:

Intergenerational Fun

Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings include intergenerational fun activities such as singing around a campfire, contra-dancing with our Quaker all-volunteer band, and Creativity Night! During the day, one might choose to join an intergenerational worship sharing group (please register ahead of time), or participate in cooperative games on Saturday afternoon.

Please check the schedules to see what’s available each day, and come have fun!