Who Pays IMYM Travel?

(Draft — 03/16/16)

Yearly Meeting Officers and Representatives to Other Organizations:  IMYM pays the expenses of its officers to meetings of the Arrangements and Representatives Committee meetings, and for its representatives who travel to meetings of other organizations such as FWCC, AFSC, FCNL, Friends General Conference, and Friends Peace Team.  Travel expenses to meetings of IMYM committees are the responsibility of the Regional Meeting, Monthly Meeting, Preparative Meeting, or Worship Group making the appointment, except where IMYM makes other arrangements

Regional Representatives to Senior and Senior Young Friends:  Regional Representatives of Young Friends to Arrangements Committee are expected to travel to Arrangements Committee meetings at the expense of their regional or monthly meetings, in order to assist with planning Young Friends activities for Yearly Meeting sessions.

Senior and Junior Young Friends Clerks and Adult Coordinators:  The Yearly Meeting is financially responsible for the expenses of attending Arrangements Committee and Yearly Meeting sessions. 

Advocate for Persons of Differing Abilities and Kitchen Liaison:  Yearly Meeting will cover the Advocate’s expenses at the Arrangements Committee meeting. (IMYM 96-4

Special Note on Travel for Committee on FWCC:  Members of the Committee on FWCC begin a three-year term in January and are expected to attend the annual FWCC Section of Americas meeting in March of each order propecia year of their appointment, and attend the following meeting, i.e., three months after the end of three years.   The reason for this arrangement is to promote continuity of representation within each Region.  With four representatives, this means that for three years in a row, five people (four members and one recently retired member) would be attending the Section of Americas meeting, and in the fourth year, six people (four members and two retired members) would attend.  The consequence is that the Yearly Meeting is responsible for the travel expenses of 5.25 travelers per year.

Waiver of Annual Gathering Expenses :Payment of the cost of attending meetings for those serving the Yearly Meeting was formally addressed in 2011 by the following minute: 

IMYM 2011.17   Some positions serving the Annual Gathering require a full-time or nearly full-time commitment during the session, but other positions, while vitally important, do not require such a commitment. The Continuing Committee should designate a limited number of positions which would be eligible to request financial assistance for their costs to attend the Annual Gathering directly from the Yearly Meeting.  All others serving the Annual Gathering would follow the established procedure for requesting financial assistance first from their home meeting.