Worship Sharing Information 2020

If you did not receive an email with your worship sharing group or room number, please look your name up on this list, which is sorted by last name: Worship Sharing Groups 

We are looking forward to sharing worship with you over the next several days.

As you can imagine, making this happen in our “virtual” setting presents some unique challenges. But we want people to be able to stay with the same worship group all four days. So please read on to learn how to help make the process go as smoothly as we can.

Please make note of your room and group number on this list.

The links for worship sharing are in an email you should have received yesterday with the subject line “IMYM – Welcome and Day One Links.” If you do not see it, please check your spam and promo folders. If you still don’t see it, send an email to 2020imym@imym.org.

Please plan to arrive about 10 minutes before 9AM (8AM for our AZ/CA Friends) so that we can get you sorted into your group.

If you can, please sign into Zoom using the same email address that you are receiving this email with. That will help us do a little automated sorting. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it! 

Once you are in the zoom room, please edit your name temporarily to your Group Letter plus your first and last name. [example: D George Fox]. This will greatly speed up the process of the zoom host putting you in the right group. Here’s instructions for how to do that. If you can’t make it work, have your group letter ready if they need it. (they will also have a list of all the people and groups).

Please be patient with our hosts as they sort everyone into multiple breakout rooms.

Below is some additional information about worship sharing, as well as some queries. Our worship sharing coordinator has asked someone from each group to act as leader, but if you find that your group does not have one, please choose one.

Worship Sharing Queries for IMYM 2020

Notes on Worship Sharing 2020

If you have questions, reach out to the Worship Sharing coordinator, Kay Bordwell: kbordwell4@gmail.com.