Yearly Meeting: General Information and FAQs

Welcome!  We are so glad you are planning to join us!  We expect to have a fantastic time this year!  And, as always, there are rules to be followed and questions to be answered…so here you are!
No pets other than service animals are allowed at Ghost Ranch. If you are bringing a service animal, you must contact Ghost Ranch ahead of time to inform them. Service animals arriving without prior notice may not be permitted.

No illegal drugs or substances should be brought to Ghost Ranch.

Communication at Ghost Ranch: Radio reception is very poor.  Cell phones often don’t work.  Phone cards are sold at the gift shop and can be used at a phone outside the Ghost Ranch office.  Internet access is usually, but not always, available at specific locations.  “Quiet” and “Lights Out” are at 10:00 pm.  There is more information on Ghost Ranch’s website.

Gathering Directories will not be made available at the Annual Gathering. Instead they will be e-mailed to you shortly after Annual Gathering. We still will need everyone to check their directory listing for accuracy at the registration table.

Lunch on the last Sunday of the Gathering:  We have the option of choosing either a sack lunch made up at breakfast time for travelers, or a hot lunch in the dining hall. Indicate which on your registration form.

How do I register?  

Go to this page

You can register each member of your group there, including children and youth, and there are links to all the permission forms that young friends will need.

Can I pay online?  No. For simplicity and keeping costs down, payments will still be handled by check. Print out a payment form to send with your check.

How do I pay? Where do I send my payment? What is the registrar’s address?  Please send a payment form with your payment. The registrar’s address is on the upper left of the payment form.

What is the family/group name?  A separate registration is required for each person, even children, but only one payment needs to be sent.  The family/group name makes it possible to relate that payment to each related registration form. Individual registrants can just use their last name. If you have a common last name or adult children who register separately, it would be good if you use something unique.

Why are there personal questions about date of birth, gender, physical ability, my Meeting, etc. on the registration form?  This information is needed to create diverse worship sharing groups and to determine the locations for groups to which you’ll be assigned.  It’s also shared with Ghost Ranch medical staff for use in emergencies.

Why are so many permission forms required for young Friends?  For issues of insurance and liability, activities provided by Ghost Ranch (ropes, waterfront activities, or hikes) and IMYM require release forms.

How do I choose between Lower Level and Mesa housing?  Being on the mesa requires walking approximately a quarter of a mile each way to the Dining Hall along a steep, pebbly path.  Ghost Ranch asks us to use our vehicles as little as possible once we arrive and park.

What meals are included with a night’s lodging in GR rooms?   Three meals are included with each night’s lodging, beginning with dinner, and including breakfast and lunch the following day.  (Campers must buy any meals or drinks they wish to have in the Dining Hall.)

What about buying additional meals?  If you arrive in time for lunch on the date your registration begins, you can buy a lunch meal ticket from the Ghost Ranch office.

What is the refund policy?  The registration fee is NOT refundable. In the case of emergency cancellations, other fees will be refunded if requested, mailed after Yearly Meeting concludes.

How do I receive financial aid?

This year IMYM is using the Pay-As-Led model for participants to pay for attending IMYM. In order to facilitate this, instead of a cost for housing being applied when room choices are made, applicants put the amount they are willing to pay for food and lodging each day. We have reproduced the lodging table to facilitate this process.

A family of two adults and one child wishes to stay in Corral Block. They have selected Corral Block as their choice of housing on the lodging page. They have decided they are able to pay approximately half of the complete cost, or $40 for adults and $20 for the child. They are coming in Wednesday night, so they put $100 ($40 + $40 + $20) in Wednesday Night, Thursday Night, Friday Night and Saturday Night.

We want you to attend the annual gathering, no matter how much you can pay. This chart provides some guidelines.  Choose the accommodations that best fit your needs, being mindful that some people must stay on the lower level due to accessibility concerns. Prayerfully consider the costs and what you can afford.

Why aren’t the locations of worship sharing groups and interest groups given in advance?  The worship sharing and interest group coordinators need the information on ages, abilities, and numbers of people interested from all the registrations in order to assign locations. Locations will be posted at the Communication Center at Ghost House, the Dining Hall, the Campground and other places.

How do I find out about volunteer assignments and where groups will meet?  Volunteer assignments and group locations will be posted at the Ghost House Communication Center and at the Dining Hall.

Can I receive and make calls at Ghost Ranch?  Cell phones don’t work reliably at Ghost Ranch. Please give the Ghost Ranch office number, 505-685-4333, to anyone who may need to contact you in emergencies. Ghost Ranch will have your name and room or campsite number, which will also be on your door or campsite. For that reason, we ask you NOT to switch to another room or campsite for any reason without first consulting with the Registrars. You can make phone card calls at the Ghost Ranch office, and cards are sold in the gift shop. Wi-fi is available in a few locations.

What do I do when I arrive at Ghost Ranch? When you get to Ghost Ranch, follow the signs that point to IMYM and park in front of the Ghost Ranch office building.  Walk up the road to Ghost House, where you will pick up your room assignment and welcome materials. Early Days registration begins Sunday June 10, at 1 PM. Please note, rooms may not be available before 3pm!

Can I contact a registrar about the registration form or my issues?  Yes.   Email us any time at