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Unprogrammed Quakers in the Rocky Mountain West


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Welcome Young Friends

IMYM Annual Gathering 2023 invites young friends across the age spectrum including:

  • Children’s Yearly Meeting (through the summer before 5th grade)

  • Junior Young Friends (through and including the summer before freshman year)

  • Senior Young Friends (those who have completed at least the freshman year of high school)

Join Quaker Friends from Children's Yearly Meeting, Junior Young Friends, and Senior Young Friends, for worship, worship sharing, business meeting, tons of activities, relaxation, fellowship, and most of all … FUN.

CYM *Children's Yearly Meeting*

We will have rich programs for our youth. We would love to have elementary school age children, their parents and guardians, and volunteers join us for this dynamic summer program based in Quaker Faith and Practice!
The primary purpose of
Children’s Yearly Meeting is to create a safe and nourishing space where young people can build community and explore shared values. Our program this summer will explore themes of weaving and belonging through storytelling, art, and imaginative play.
Children’s Yearly Meeting program coordinator: Elizabeth Freyman (she/her) is a long-time educator with experience working in Waldorf and Montessori schools. She has been leading the First Day School and youth programs at Albuquerque Monthly Meeting since 2018.

JYF *Junior Young Friends*

The Junior Young Friends (JYF) program is an intensive community building experience of sharing fun and friendship, exploring peace and justice, and practicing spirit-led business and worship sharing. We will have discussions, an out trip, games, and skits. Our theme project is about how we contribute to family and community, and will include creating artistic expressions of those leadings. Youth may seek a sponsoring family if their family is not able to attend.

Junior Young Friends Coordinator:
Star Ford (she/her)

SYF *Senior Young Friends*

With the support of Friendly Adult Presences, Senior Young Friends (SYFs) invite Senior Young Friends from around the yearly meeting to join us for days of late rising, 10:30am, and late nights with an all-nighter on Saturday.  We will hang out at a lake, have a trip into town, spend time at the college Rec. Center, maybe create a skit for Creativity Night and probably have a business meeting or two.  Each night we will continue our tradition of having worship sharing. Is anyone up for playing psychiatrist? 

SYF Co-Clerks: William Viavant (he/him), Sam Prewett (he/him)

Senior Young Friends FAPS: David Wolff (he/him), Paul Stephens (he/him)

CYM Gathering Schedule

JYF Gathering Schedule

SYF Gathering Schedule

- in Service to the Light

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