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Unprogrammed Quakers in the Rocky Mountain West


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Old Representatives Committee Files

(This page is under construction - the has been copied as it was on the old website)

Most recent minutes:

Representatives Committee Minutes – June 14, 2023

Representatives Committee Minutes – April 7, 2023

Earlier this year:

Representatives Committee Minutes – February 19, 2023

Representatives Committee Minutes – February 18, 2023

Previous years:

Representative Committee Minutes and Reports – October 28,2022

Representatives Committee Minutes and Documents, Sept 26, 2022

Representatives Committee Minutes and Documents, June 10, 2022

Representatives Committee Minutes and Documents, Feb. 19-20, 2022

Representative Committee Minutes October 9, 2021

Representatives Committee Called Meeting April 26, 2021

Representatives Committee Minutes Feb. 13 2021

Representatives Committee December 2020 Minutes

Representatives Committee September 2020 Minutes

Representatives Committee June 2020 Minutes

Representatives Committee February 2020 Minutes

Representatives Committee attachments to minutes 02.08.20

For consideration:
Committee on Procedure Report
LCFM Minute on Immigration
DRAFT 5-12-2019 IMYM Climate Minute

The Committee met February 8-9, 2019 at Mountain View Friends Meetinghouse in Denver, Colorado.

Minutes from the February 2019 meeting


Nominating Committee Report (note this was updated Feb 8)(PDF)

Peace & Social Concerns Committee Report (PDF)

Finance Committee Activities Report (PDF)

Treasurer’s Report (PDF)

Please also review the recommendations in the Report on Evaluating the New Structure (PDF)

Minutes for consideration

2. From the Ombudsman for the Differently Abled:
Background: “Universal design is the process of creating products and built environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation. Universal design benefits everyone and promotes a more inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities. … Unfortunately, physical and attitudinal barriers limit the full involvement of people with disabilities in their communities. Promoting a more inclusive environment helps to challenge an “ableist” world view by increasing recognition of disability as a diversity factor.  … Designing for universal access from the start prevents the need for more costly and often less pleasing adjustments.” (Source: APA)

Proposed Minute:

Friends seek to guide their activities and their organizations by principles that respect equality of every person and foster community for all through broad participation in the life of our Meetings.  In the 2019 and future gatherings of Intermountain Yearly Meeting of Friends, we will seek to create an inclusive environment that encourages full participation of all in the life of our Yearly Meeting. We seek guidance and recommendations from those who have experience with various accessibility needs and experience with creating universally accessible built environments and programs.

Draft agenda:

Friday February 8

Gather at Mountain View Meeting House for simple supper at 5:30 pm

7 Welcome
Worship sharing regarding inclusivity, accessibility, universal design and intentional community enhancement

Ending around 8:30

Saturday February 9

Breakfast with hosts
9 Gather
Arrangements committee clerk report
Nominating committee report
Treasurer/Finance committee report
Peace and Social concerns report
Minute on migration- does the YM want to unite with or create a similar minute
12 Lunch
1 Gather
Clerks report-responses to queries:
-Pay as Led
-Early Days
Harassment policy (maybe)
FGC Audit on Racism

Other documents for reference:

Fall Queries Responses 2018

Representatives Committee Minutes, October 3, 2018

P&SC – Report to IMYM Rep Comm October 2018

Representatives Committee call, August 29, 2018

Minutes from April 23, 2018 committee call

Documents referred to in that call:

Minute regarding gun violence forward from Arizona Half Yearly

Treasurer’s report 

Nominating Committee Report

Proposed By Laws for recommendation to IMYM – March 2018

FGC survey

Reports to the Committee for Feb 2018 Meeting:

Mountain Friends Camp – Report to IMYM Representatives Committee, Feb 2018

P&SC Report to Rep Comm, Feb 2018

2018 Clerk’s Report and Overview of the Fall Queries

Draft FY2018 MFC Budget Worksheet

Faith & Practice Rep Comm Report

Comments regarding articles of incorporation and by laws

2018 Feb Representatives committee agenda

A WITNESS TO THE PAST from Bill and Genie Durland a response to the By Laws

2-2-18 NomCom report to RepCom

Committee on Procedure Report for Reps Comm 01 24 18

Treasurer report to REP COM fye 9-30-17 (2018-01-27)

IMYM Bylaws v2-Dec 17

IMYM articles of incorporation 2018 01 03

Arrangements Committee Report to Representatives Committee

compiled responses fall 2017

Peace & Service Committee Action Minutes from the past several years

- in Service to the Light

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