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Unprogrammed Quakers in the Rocky Mountain West


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IMYM Committees (and Working Groups)

IMYM Faith and Practice says: "Committees conduct business in the same manner as the monthly meeting does, waiting on the Spirit for direction in their work and unity in their decisions. A written charge to each committee clarifies what is expected of it and of its clerk as well as the limits of authority delegated to it. Such clarity and communication promotes an atmosphere of trust, allowing meetings, their officers, clerks, and committees to fulfill their respective tasks without wasteful duplication or frustration.

Committee members should be selected according to their abilities and concerns.

Because committee work enables Friends to engage in the life of the meeting, it provides familiarity with Friends’ faith and business practices, especially our decision-making process. Service on a committee also offers Friends an opportunity to use their particular gifts and to deepen friendships among the members." 

Access Committee Workspaces:


Current Appointments

IMYM Officers and Committees
 HERE. The IMYM Nominating Committee updates this list regularly. If you have any questions, comments, or need more info please contact:

Our officers include: the Clerks of Yearly Meeting and Representatives Committee, Recording Clerk of Yearly Meeting, Registrars, Treasurer, and Clerk of Finance Committee

Please consider volunteering for service on a committee or as an officer of IMYM.

Arrangements Committee

The IMYM Arrangements Committee has the charge to plan and supervise the Annual Gathering including facilities and programming for both adults and youth. The committee reports its progress and any concerns to the Representatives Committee. The ARR COMM working groups function throughout the year. 

ARR COMM includes: 

  • Arrangements Committee Clerk
  • Facilities Working Group
    • Facilities Working Group Clerk
    • Operations Coordinators
    • Ombudsman for Persons of Differing Abilities
    • Kitchen Liaison
    • Registrars
    • Bookstore Coordinator
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Youth Working Group
  • Youth Working Group Clerk
    • CYM Coordinators
    • JYF Clerks
    • JYF Coordinators
    • JYF Regional Representatives
    • SYF Clerks
    • SYF Friendly Adult Presences (FAPs)
    • SYF Regional Representatives
    • YAF Clerk  
  • Program Working Group
    • Program Working Group Clerks
    • Youth Working Group Clerks
    • Interest Group/Seminar Coordinator
    • Worship Sharing Group Coordinator
    • Regional Meeting representatives
  • Peace & Service Committee Clerk
  • IMYM Presiding Clerk
  • Representatives Committee Clerk
  • Other members, as needed

Clerk Support

The Clerk’s Advisory Committee (Clerk Support) is to serve in an advisory and consultative capacity for the Presiding Clerk(s) of the Yearly Meeting.  This committee is advisory only and is not be charged with making interim decisions such as an executive committee might.  The committee is active and called together at the Presiding Clerks' discretion, meeting with the Clerks individually or as a group, generally by telephone or online.

The Clerk’s Advisory Committee will be drawn from:

  • Representatives Committee Clerk
  • Arrangements Committee Clerk
  • Ministry and Counsel Clerk
  • The immediate past Clerk
  • Finance Committee Clerk
  • Two members of the Presiding Clerk’s choosing.

Faith and Practice Committee

The IMYM community is in the process of revising our Faith & Practice through a multi-year discernment, writing and approval process.  We have a Faith & Practice Committee (current members) and continue to form Content Working Groups based on Friends feedback (initially: Relationship with Earth and Families). 

The committee has now made the full text of the existing (2009) Faith & Practice available online in a form that accepts comments.

If you would like to become active with the committee’s work, we encourage you to express your interest to the Committee by writing to us with your ideas, suggestions, interests, working group areas of expertise and/or concerns at

READ MORE about F&P. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the finances of the Yearly Meeting. The Committee prepares a draft annual budget for presentation to the Representatives Committee. It also keeps the officers of IMYM updated on Meeting finances through regular quarterly reports and other communications as needed. The Finance Committee has the responsibility to prepare and present a report of the current state of the finances at the Annual Gathering session.

Members include: the Finance Committee Clerk, Liaison for Facilities, the Treasurer the retiring Treasurer, the IMYM Presiding Clerk, the Representatives Committee Clerk, and the Arrangements Committee Clerk, plus one representative from Senior Young Friends and one representative from each Regional Meeting.

Representatives Committee

IMYM has entrusted its standing Representatives Committee with the general care of the business of the yearly meeting between the Annual Gathering sessions. While it is preferable for decisions to wait until the Meetings for Business of the Annual Gathering when possible, Representatives Committee has the authority to make decisions (including approving minutes and making financial decisions) between annual gatherings.

Membership: The Committee will contain a Clerk, a Recording Clerk, one Representative from each local Meeting (Monthly Meeting, Preparative Meeting, or Worship Group), and specified clerks of IMYM committees and others, including but not limited to:

  • Representatives Committee Clerk
  • Representatives Committee Recording Clerk
  • Yearly Meeting Presiding Clerk
  • Arrangements Committee Clerk
  • Nominating Committee Clerk
  • Ministry and Counsel Committee Clerk
  • Procedures Committee Clerk
  • Finance Committee Clerk
  • Treasurer
  • Web Clerk
  • Delegates Committee Clerk
  • Peace and Service Committee Clerk
  • A Friendly Adult Presence from Senior Young Friends
  • A representative from each Regional Meeting, at their discretion
  • A representative from Senior Young Friends, at their discretion

All of these clerks are appointed by Nominating Committee according to the usual procedures of IMYM, and approved by the yearly meeting, except for the Web Clerk (who is appointed and overseen by Representatives Committee), the representatives appointed by Regional Meetings, and SYF’s representative and FAPs who are appointed by Senior Young Friends.

Representatives will follow Friends customary practice of group discernment. They should not serve as instructed delegates but should bring local concerns forward. To help insure a full and fair voicing of the variety of viewpoints within IMYM, we strongly recommend that those listed above not also serve as local Meeting representatives.

Way Forward Working Group

Under the care of the Representatives Committee, Way Forward Working Group will guide IMYM as it seeks unity about its purpose, vision, structure and operations.  Identify why we exist, who and what we want to be in five years, broad strategies to get there, and 2024-25 priorities.  Building on a Listening Session at the 2023 gathering, Fall Queries, and conversations with IMYM Committees, Meetings and Worship Groups, bring a plan to Representatives Committee in April 2024 for consideration and approval by IMYM business meeting. This plan will be implemented beginning at rise of the 2024 gathering, recognizing that some activities of IMYM may need to be laid down and new activities may emerge.


Peace & Social Justice Committee (Roundtable)

The Peace and Social Justice Roundtable, carried by IMYM Representatives Committee, provides an online (Zoom) space for IMYM Community members to share and discuss their personal, Meeting, or Worship Group peace and social justice interests, concerns, and projects. Let’s share our Meetings’ P&SJ projects with Friends throughout IMYM, working together, and aiming to make a better world for all! We meet on the last Saturday of (almost) every month.

READ MORE about P&SJ. 

- in Service to the Light

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