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Unprogrammed Quakers in the Rocky Mountain West


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Way Forward Working Group

The Way Forward Working Group (WFWG) was established at the April 7th, 2023 IMYM Representatives Committee meeting. 

Representatives Committee Charge to Way Forward Working Group:

Under the care of the Representatives Committee, the Way Forward Working Group will guide IMYM as it seeks unity about its purpose, vision, structure and operations.  Identify why we exist, who and what we want to be in five years, broad strategies to get there, and 2024-25 priorities.  Building on a Listening Session at the 2023 gathering, Fall Queries, and conversations with IMYM Committees, Meetings and Worship Groups, bring a plan to Representatives Committee in April 2024 for consideration and approval by IMYM business meeting. This plan will be implemented beginning at rise of the 2024 gathering, recognizing that some activities of IMYM may need to be laid down and new activities may emerge.

Visiting Friends

Friends from the WFWG are travelling to visit IMYM Meetings near and far!
A bulk of these visits will occur January to March 2024.
WFWG purposes to meet with members and attenders of Monthly Meetings to discern the way forward for IMYM. 
We are at a turning point and need to come together to co-create and co-envision our collective life in the Yearly Meeting.  

To schedule a visit to your Meeting (or Worship Group), or to get involved with the
IMYM Way Forward process, please email

WFWG Listening Session at Annual Gathering 2023

Way Forward at IMYM Annual Gathering 2023:

WFWG offered a hybrid Listening Circle at the 2023 annual gathering on Thursday morning, June 22, 2023. IMYM Friends weighed in on and listened to other’s desired purpose and vision for Intermountain Yearly Meeting into the future. This is a video recording of that session. 

WFWG Queries

WFWG asks us to consider: 

What do you feel is the purpose of IMYM and is it currently fulfilling that purpose? 

What do you think a healthy, spiritually-led, sustainable IMYM would be?

How can IMYM better support my Monthly Meeting, both year round and at Annual Gathering, AND find the strength and light to carry out this work? 

Consider deeply what is my own right relationship with IMYM?

Summary of Community Query Responses

The IMYM community was given a chance to respond to these WFWG queries. We received many responses.
Here is a summary of the results of IMYM Queries to Monthly Meeting in early 2023 and listening session at 2023 IMYM gathering.

    Friends felt strongly that IMYM can foster community and connections among Quakers in the region, deepen worship practices, and advocate for Quaker values in the world.  Youth engagement is highly sought and valued.  Friends would like to see IMYM as supporting monthly meetings, and would like clarity as to the form of that support.  Some Friends requested more fellowship and less business at Annual Gathering while others value the practice of Friendly process in business. Responses indicated interest in improving communication through technology and support of paid staff.  Friends envision a spiritually vibrant and inclusive community with an emphasis on deep corporate worship and the ability to evolve to grow and meet the changing needs of our community.

    TOP TEN Central Themes from Community Query Responses

    - in Service to the Light

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